Peculiar Treasures: An Curious Collection

Here’s our eclectic collection to start your week off right.

First off, if you haven’t seen it yet, join us in the happy big-tent embracing, worldwide growth-sensitive news: Church leaders are now welcomed to speak in their native tongue at general conference. Awesome.

Confucius said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” That certainly rings true for Aaron Ansarov, a retired combat photographer for the U.S. Navy, who has spent the past two years combing a local Florida beach in search of the elusive Portuguese man-of-war.

One of literature’s most prestigious honors, the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters recognizes individuals who have made an exceptional impact on this country’s literary heritage: Ursula K. Le Guin is the 2014 recipient.

And in other lit news, Louise Erdrich has won the PEN/Saul Bellow Award, a “lifetime achievement honor for American writers.” Have you read and loved her works or are you adding her to your list now?

Anyone want to go to the ballet with us? You will after listening to Misty Copeland’s retelling of her trials, triumphs and continuing journey as black ballerina. Plus, she has a book out for the younger set.

How astute are your senses? This piece from the NYT reminds us to pay attention, many Americans don’t compared to people elsewhere. Who knows what a little more thought may inspire, maybe the next great app (Instagram inspiration credit at the end of the piece).

Even more good and thoughtful things from the Times. Is Adulthood dead in American Culture?

Apple season is here. Glory be! The taste of the fresh cider from my farmer’s market is liquid gold, bottled autumn: Gravenstein, I think. But not all apples satisfy.  Read The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious  and meet Emily’s inspiration for this week’s first draft poem:

In Ecuador I bought
overpriced red
delicious apples,
forking out too much
to taste a bite of home.

Their thick skins and mealy flesh
turned me instead to try mangos
my first time:
I peeled back the thick skin.
Juice dripped to my elbows,
and I chewed mango flesh down to the pit

in the streets of Guayaquil
you find blackened mango pits
discarded by children
who suck them dry

they know better than to overpay
for nasty apples
when decadent mangos
come cheap and sweet.


Sabbath Revival: Fifth Business

Today’s post from the past comes from Annie on April 14, 2011.

“Those roles which, being neither those of hero nor Heroine, Confidante nor Villain, but which were none the less essential to bring about the Recognition or the denouement were called the Fifth Business in drama and Opera companies organized according to the old style; the player who acted these parts was often referred to as Fifth Business.”

~Robertson Davies, Fifth Business

There were lots of people and probably not enough callings in our ward in the center of Logan, Utah, in the mid 1970s.  I think that was the main reason that one particular lady  was assigned to be the birthday caller. We lived in that ward for three years, starting when I was four. Each birthday morning I would get a phone call, a memorable and fairly startling event in my young life.

“Is this Annie Bentley?” a cheerful voice would ask.

“Umm..uh-huh?”  In spite of the yearly routine I was always unsuspecting at first.

The Birthday Lady would inhale an upbeat and begin singing:  “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ANNIE, happy birthday to you.  Have a great birthday, dear.”  Click. Continue reading

Call for Submissions

Hey, ever wish you could see your writing here? We’d love to see it too.  Here is a quick reminder on how to make that happen. We are thankful for all the voices that make Segullah a fabulous place to write and read. So please, send us more of your best stuff.

Blog Submissions

Tips for a Well-Written Post:
1. We are looking for engaging blog posts for Blog Segullah that further Segullah’s mission to encourage literary talent, provoke thought, and promote greater understanding and faith among LDS women.
2. Emphasize your personal experience over stating universal principles.
3. Show don’t tell. Paint a picture from the details of your life that are unique to you.
4. Have a beginning, a middle and an end. Craft something that is more like an essay and less like an email to a friend.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts:
1. Suggested length for blog submissions is between 500-800 words.
2. Space on the blog for guest posts is limited and posts may be scheduled up to a month in advance.
3. Please allow up to two weeks for a response from our blog editors regarding your post; submissions may be subject to a revision process.
4. Submit guest posts as a Microsoft Word document attached to an email, not in the body of the email itself.
5. Guest posts must be submitted by the original author.
6. We prefer original content that has not been previously published, either electronically or in print. By submitting work to Segullah, contributors implicitly accept the terms of our copyright policy.
7. All guest posts should be submitted electronically to Continue reading

“Immeasurable Heaven”

"Laniakea" Mixed-Media 4"x6" by Linda Hoffman Kimball

“Laniakea” Mixed-Media 4″x6″ by Linda Hoffman Kimball

I recently read an amazing article from about our solar system, galaxy, universe and where we are in it. Author Charles Q. Choi says, “A new cosmic map is giving scientists an unprecedented look at the boundaries for the giant supercluster that is home to Earth’s own Milky Way galaxy and many others. Scientists even have a name for the colossal galactic group: Laniakea, Hawaiian for “immeasurable heaven.”

The whole concept of existing in a system immeasurably vast and mostly unknown is dizzying. Continue reading

Capacity for grief

It was my birthday a few days ago, and for a birthday treat this morning, my husband let me sleep in until 9:00am. He got up, put the dog out, fed her, got the kids up, got them dressed, fed, brushed, and out the door, all jobs that are usually mine in the morning. It made for a pleasant and relaxing morning.

After I finally got up, I met a friend for an exercise date, and then we grabbed a bite to eat after we burned off some calories. I left the restaurant feeling blessed to have this particular woman in my life, and then came home to wait for our new washing machine to be delivered while I caught up with some stuff at home. It wasn’t until I clicked over to Facebook that I remembered what today is. Continue reading