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A living sacrifice

I was vacationing at my parents’ house in Maryland when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child. Giddy with excitement, I shared the news with my mom and (by telephone) with my husband. It was hard to sleep that night as I thought about tiny socks, soft blankets, and heart-cracking little smiles. Another baby!

By the next morning, though, I had started to worry. Morning sickness (a misnomer if there ever was one–how about _all day sickness_?). Sleep deprivation. Bleeding nipples. All with three preschoolers in tow.

Another baby? Continue reading A living sacrifice

New Issue!

Q. What do experiences with stillbirth, wayward brothers, malnourished children, aging parents, mental illness, and abortion have in common?

A. Each provides rich opportunities to learn about the pure love of Christ.

Don’t miss the essays and poems on these and other topics in our fall issue, Cleave Unto Charity, featuring the artwork of Rose Datoc Dall. It’s available for your reading pleasure as a printed issue, or on our website.

I challenge any reader to walk away from this issue unchanged and uninspired.

I Believe In Yesterday

I walked out of James Bond last night after the first scene. The violence made my heart double dribble and I started getting hot flashes.

I came home to watch Isabel Allende shove peanuts down her dress on Craig Ferguson.

I had a tuna sandwich on hazelnut bread. It needed more mustard.

I watched the sporadic snow out my front window.

I went to the lot and picked out a flocked Christmas tree, skinny and tall. Three things that I never thought I’d like in a tree. Ironically, three things I’d never like in a man. Time changes everything. I guess. Continue reading I Believe In Yesterday

Left or Right? Paper or Plastic? Blood or Milk?

Blood and Milk

I dreamed of Oxford . . .
          (spires, a thousand spires, endless lectures, musty halls
          a solitary self in a Bodleian expanse
          A good life my dear Wormwood. An orderly life.)

then awakened to laundry
          and things to be wiped
          (countertops, noses, bottoms)

How did this happen? And when, exactly? Continue reading Left or Right? Paper or Plastic? Blood or Milk?


I have a small life. I live in a small house with thankfully small utility bills. Our town is small, with a small grocery store and small library (the librarian calling me by name on my second visit almost made up for the lack of books). Big things don’t usually happen here, and I like it that way. It’s a fortunate blessing most of the time.

But there are times when I wonder about bigness. Continue reading Small

Dream House

My husband and I finally bought our dream house this year. The funny thing is, we didn’t even realize it at the time. We thought we were making a practical decision in response to my husband’s chronic health problems. No, we didn’t buy the large house with the amazing yard in the right school district. That was the house we sold. The one we bought is, well, different. Continue reading Dream House