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Welcome to the Segullah blog, a forum for exploring ideas, sharing experiences, and highlighting individuals relating to the journal. Starting January 2013, the blog will start including excerpts from the journal, which is moving to an all-digital format.

The mission of Segullah is to encourage literary and artistic talent, provoke thought and promote greater understanding and faith among Latter-day Saint women. We encourage insightful writings which explore life’s richness and complexity while reflecting faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to highlight a variety of women’s perspectives within a framework of shared beliefs and values.

In Hebrew segullah signifies a cherished personal possession that is set apart and diligently cared for; it is a term the Lord has used with affection to describe His covenant blessings and responsibilities we receive in relationship with Him.

How do you pronounce Segullah? Say-Goo-Law. Place the stress on the first syllable (or on all three syllables equally). Segullah rhymes with Oo-la-la, write & draw, coup d’etat, Blanche DuBois, shock & awe, Lah-dee-dah, looky, ma!

Editor-in-Chief: Shelah Miner
Blog Editors: Kellie George and Sandra Jergensen
Poetry Editor: Lara Niedermeyer
Prose Editor: Holly Baker
Webmaster: Rebecca P
Site design: Johnna Cornett
Founding Editor: Kathryn Soper

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m interested in submitting creative nonfiction work. Do you have a list of themes I should consult before I submit an essay?

    1. Annie, the deadline for our contest is December 31st, so please aim for that and submit! The theme is completely open, as long as it’s in keeping with our mission statement mentioned above. You might want to check out this page with writing tips: http://segullah.org/?s=writing+tips. As far as themes go, the main thing I can tell you is what not to write about. One thing we used to get a lot (I have not read essay submissions for a while, so this may no longer be true) is reconciling motherhood/individual pursuits. This is probably because we have written a lot about it, but I would suggest that you avoid writing on it if you can unless you’ve got a very fresh, unique take.

  2. Is there a general contact email? My poem is in the most recent issue of the journal, and my name was spelled incorrectly—Tricia rather than Trisha. I would like to contact someone so that it can be corrected.

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