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Welcome to the Segullah blog, a forum for exploring ideas, sharing experiences, and highlighting individuals relating to the journal. Starting January 2013, the blog will start including excerpts from the journal, which is moving to an all-digital format.

The mission of Segullah is to encourage literary and artistic talent, provoke thought and promote greater understanding and faith among Latter-day Saint women. We encourage insightful writings which explore life’s richness and complexity while reflecting faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to highlight a variety of women’s perspectives within a framework of shared beliefs and values.

In Hebrew segullah signifies a cherished personal possession that is set apart and diligently cared for; it is a term the Lord has used with affection to describe His covenant blessings and responsibilities we receive in relationship with Him.

How do you pronounce Segullah? Say-Goo-Law. Place the stress on the first syllable (or on all three syllables equally). Segullah rhymes with Oo-la-la, write & draw, coup d’etat, Blanche DuBois, shock & awe, Lah-dee-dah, looky, ma!

Editor-in-Chief: Shelah Miner
Blog Editors: Kellie George and Sandra Jergensen
Poetry Editor: Lara Niedermeyer
Prose Editor: Holly Baker
Webmaster: Rebecca P
Site design: Johnna Cornett
Founding Editor: Kathryn Soper

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have tried without success to subscribe online. I would like hard copies, including some back issues. The issues I already have are 1:1, 2:1, 2:2 and 3:1. Please advise.

  2. Gregory, so sorry about that!! You can email me directly at rhapsody36 at comcast dot net. I can send you our mailing address and you can drop us a check. Or, if our webmaster gets a hold of this, she can probably figure out whatever is going on with PayPal.

    Anyway, drop me a note!

  3. Hello Segullah administrator,

    I’ve been reading your blog and wanted to see if I could offer you a free copy of my soon to be released novel Tongue of Fire in exchange for a fair and honest review on your blog. The plot synopsis is as follows:

    The charismatic new preacher at the local mega-church is drawing followers by the hundreds. There’s only one problem. He’s a Mormon, and nobody knows it.

    John Peterson tries to follow the Spirit, but it tells him to preach, and preaching only seems to get him into trouble. His strident defense of the Mormon Church has gotten him fired again, forcing his family to move for the third time in as many years. Looking for a fresh start in Mayfield, John agrees to keep his head down. But when the owner of the local mega-church loses his pastor, he invites John to preach without asking the name of his church. After a spiritual prompting, John decides to preach, but as his following explodes, his new-found fame threatens to expose his religion and shatter his family’s hopes for a new life.

    The town of Mayfield is growing impatient with high school football coach Paul Connelly. The former pastor was hired to help save the football program after the greatest scandal in school history, but after four straight losing seasons, his time is running out. With John Peterson’s meteoric rise, the town appears to have found a new moral authority, and an excuse to find a new coach. When Paul discovers that John is a Mormon, he finds the key to restoring his moral standing—all he has to do is expose and destroy John Peterson.

    You can see the cover art at the Tongue of Fire facebook link and like the page for further updates and news.


    Thank you for your time!


    David McKnight

  4. David, we’re experiencing some technical issues right now so I don’t have the address of the blog editors available, but when our blog returns to its regular format you can email this request to them in the contact blog editor page. We may or may not review it, depending on whether we want to recommend the book (we don’t usually review books we don’t enjoy, and we tend to prefer either literary writing or books by and about women). I know the good people at Motley Vision often review books, and that might be another good place to start. Good luck!

  5. p.s. I’m not implying that we won’t like your book, just letting you know a little about our review policies. We are very interested in LDS lit as well, which fits your book perfectly.

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