Under New Management

After 3 1/2 years of creating, nurturing and expanding the horizons of Blog Segullah, our fabulous editor, Maralise Peterson is handing her baby to new co-editors co-slaves, Leslie Graff and Michelle Lehnardt. Happily, Maralise will remain as Art Editor of the Segullah Journal and will remain an active participant in Blog Segullah(and you can always catch her at TheReluctantNomad).

Placing her own pursuits on hold, Maralise worked tirelessly with our blogmaster and techno genius, Johnna, to create this fabulous place to gather, learn and grow. And you– the Segullah community– also parented this baby into maturity.  Blog Segullah would be NOTHING without the thoughtful participation and comments of its readers. I believe Blog Segullah is the best place on the internet for intelligent, polite discussion of gospel and mothering topics. My motto for teaching Sunday School is “I provide an outline– the class provides the insights.” And Segullah is the same. Your comments, your experiences, enrich everyone who reads them.

Leslie and I plan very few changes to this well-run ship, but we do want to see a little more of YOU. If you like, please visit gravatar.com where you can upload a photo tied to your email address. When you comment with that email address your photo should pop right up. Please don’t feel any pressure to show your pretty face, you can also use a flower, a toy or any favorite object(mine features my face and my favorite toy). As always, we will continue to allow anonymous comments, but we believe the photos, the bits of recognition will help us connect with each other(especially if you have a common name like Michelle, Melissa, Jenny, Wendy, Sue etc.).

Thank you, thank you Maralise for your artful, creative and compassionate vision of Blog Segullah. We hope to make you proud.

About Michelle L.

(Blog Team) never folds laundry and her car is a mess. She runs through the streets of Salt Lake City, UT, takes lots of photos, plays Uno with her five fabulous boys and buys way too many dresses for the little princess. Her husband is the most romantic man in the world because he does all the Costco shopping AND hauls it into the house (sorry to make you jealous girls). She writes at Scenes from the Wild.

10 thoughts on “Under New Management

  1. I love this gravatar thing. I’m testing mine now.

    Maralise– You’ve done such a great job with the blog and really nurtured us as writers. Thank you!

  2. Kudos & thanks to Maralise and congrats to Michelle and Leslie–which sounds kind of like a “the queen is dead…love live the queen” sentiment :)

    Going right now to gravatar and so happy to see those beautiful faces with the names.

  3. Maralise, I am so grateful to you for running this blog. It’s what kept my interest in Segullah, what gave me a desire to write for it, and a sense of community with all of you amazing women. Pat yourself on the back and go eat some yummy Austrian chocolate. You’ve earned it.

    And Michelle and Leslie, I love you both–thank you for taking charge.

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