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(Advisory Board) is a mother to five children, and has a husband lodged somewhere (probably in the den). She is not very fond of speaking of herself in third person.

Twoo Wuv

fiddler_on_the_roof_fiddlerIn the late 1950’s, a man was stirred by the soul of a woman in his ward. He couldn’t get this woman off his mind. He discussed the matter with his Bishop. He had only spoken to her once. The story winds and meanders for a couple of months, and ends with the boy and the girl sitting in the Bishop’s office. The boy still hadn’t had a proper conversation with the girl.

The Bishop told them to get married.

Three weeks later, they were husband and wife.

Still happily married.


It’s the early 1960’s, a girl is beginning her freshman year at University. Visiting home one weekend, her father has a young man at dinner with the family. “He’s in medical school. He’s Catholic. He’s Italian. It’s settled.” The arrangement is not well veiled in this list of his attributes.

One month later, they wed.

Still happily married.
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I Get by With A Little Love from my Friends

180px-The_YI climbed the ‘Y’ in Provo with my girlfriends on Thursday. We pounded out the 12% grade, checking our heart rate monitors (to make sure we weren’t dead… you know), we panted and huffed. We laughed and gabbed while we trekked up the hill as fast as we could. We’re trying, us middle aged mommas, to kick each other into better shape.

What we’re succeeding at doing is keeping each other sane. Continue reading I Get by With A Little Love from my Friends

Learning to Walk

no-mistakes-480There is, in our culture, an interesting pressure about correctness, about avoiding errors. It shows itself in words like competence, excellence, and perfection. It shows itself in how we treat each other in our friendships, in our families, in our professional lives. We are largely expected to behave without error as we navigate through our lives, and errors are met with scorn, disappointment, and sometimes anger. Mistakes are met with reprimands and rebukes, although often silent ones.We’re harsh with someone that cut us off, someone that didn’t say hello, someone that didn’t say the right thing. Continue reading Learning to Walk

Really? I mean, Really?

Overheard while wandering through Borders with my husband:

Young 20-something with a Twilight t-shirt on: “Umm, do you still carry any Twilight umbrellas? I saw them here last week.”

Employee of Borders: “Yeah, I’ll walk you over. They’re here in this display.” (walks her to a large Twilight display)

Twilight girl: “Wow! (looks at display) This is awesome.”

Employee: “Yeah, it is, huh? I just got back from Forks last week. It was an incredible time.” Continue reading Really? I mean, Really?