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In a historic move, the First Presidency sent a letter to Church leaders, announcing a new semi-annual General Women’s Meeting. Rather than separate General Relief Society and Young Women’s meetings, all female Church members ages eight and older are invited to attend a meeting the Saturday before each General Conference. This meeting will be conducted by the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary.

For reasoning behind the change, the letter states, “As the women of the Church gather together–sisters, mothers, and daughters–they, their families, and the Church will be strengthened and blessed.”

What are your thoughts on this change? How do you feel a meeting like this will differ from the previous General Relief Society and Young Women’s meetings of the past? Share your ideas and impressions in the comments below.

For more information, see this article from UtahValley360.

UPDATE: Here’s the official announcement from

A Mother Here Art and Poetry Contest

There have been LDS art contests in the past, either sponsored by LDS church institutions or by private organizations, but none have yet focused on Heavenly Mother as their theme. That changed this month with the newly announced A Mother Here Art and Poetry Contest. Aiming to stimulate the visual and poetic expression of Heavenly Mother, as well as highlight the nascent divinity lying in women as well as men, monetary prizes in excess of $2200 will be awarded to the best entries.

The contest accepts two-dimensional art submissions to be considered in its visual arts awards, and all forms of poetry for the poetry awards. The contest will accept submissions until March 4, 2014, after which award-winning entries will be chosen by judges Susan Elizabeth Howe (esteemed poet, playwright, and professor) and Herman Du Toit (former head of the Durban Art School and former head of museum research at BYU’s Museum of Art). Winning entries will be announced on May 11, 2014 (Mother’s Day) and they, with other merit-worthy entries, will be collected in an online gallery and a printed booklet for all to enjoy.

With the kick off of the contest’s website,, an impressive collection of historical Mormon literature and music addressing Heavenly Mother has been hosted online. It contains works from early Mormon history, beginning with the work of William W. Phelps, up until the present. In addition, the site provides some historical analysis of the portrayals of Heavenly Mother in these and other artworks.

The contest is generously being sponsored by Exponent II, Peculiar Pages (publisher of literary anthologies like Fire in the Pasture and Monsters & Mormons) and LDS WAVE. However, to fully fund the prizes and pay judges, the contest is still looking for donations. Visit to contribute or to find out more information.

Artist Spotlight: Caitlin Connolly

caitlin c looking for lightWe are excited to introduce to you a new artist whose work we will be featuring here at Segullah for the next little while.

Caitlin Connolly is an artist, wife to a guitarist, musician, and creative enthusiast. Born and raised in Utah, the only girl in a family with three brothers, Caitlin grew up coloring the walls with crayons while becoming well acquainted with boy scouts and power tools. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2009 with a BFA emphasizing in Painting and Drawing and has been passionately pursing and cultivating her creative path since that time. She now lives in Provo, UT with her curly haired husband and almost-as-curly haired miniature dog, Albus. She loves spending time in her studio, touring on the road with her husband, journaling, song writing, and watching a good TV show.listen same time 11x14
You can see more of her work at

Caitlin says about her work “I make art founded on the human experience.  Life, death, tragedy, joy, loneliness, spirituality, and progression are concepts central to how I view this experience.  Growing up in a family with all boys, it was difficult for me to identify with women.  My work often explores the feminine experience as I attempt to understand myself and all women more fully and view them the way I see them – powerful yet flawed.”


Call for Guest Posts: Working Women

I have noticed for many years now that the narrative we tell about women and work in the Church does not reflect the reality I see around me. Women are encouraged to get an education and to develop their talents and skills, but we are also told that women who have children should make mothering their families their primary responsibility and forgo employment outside the home. The most common dichotomy I see presented to women is a choice between some sort of high-powered, high-prestige full-time career, and staying out of the workforce for years to be a full-time mother. Yet, when I look around at my friends and family who are members of the Church, I see hundreds of different lives with diverse, individual choices. I know women who have a high level of education who have followed the promptings of the Spirit to stay out of the workforce. I know women who have a high level of education who have followed the promptings of the Spirit to have established careers with high levels of responsibility and prestige. I know other women who have never worked and who started families at a young age. I know women who don’t have a high level of education and work low-prestige jobs. I know women who work part-time, who work full-time, who run businesses with their husbands, who do occasional childcare for extra income, or who do freelance work from home. I know women who have stayed out of the workforce for twenty or more years before returning, either out of necessity or desire. I know women who want to work outside the home but don’t, and women who don’t want to work outside the home but do. Continue reading Call for Guest Posts: Working Women

Exciting Mormon Women Project events

We love the thoughtful interviews that the Mormon Women Project publishes every week. Some weeks they make us laugh, other weeks they warm our hearts, sometimes they make us cry, and they always make us think deeply about what it means to be a woman in this worldwide church. So we are thrilled to announce that MWP has just published their first book, Sisters Abroad: Interviews from the Mormon Women Project. The book, edited by Neylan McBaine and with an introduction by Silvia Allred, includes thirteen portraits of Mormon women from all around the world.

Also, for those within driving distance of Logan, the Mormon Women Project is hosting a salon on June 1st in Logan, Utah. The event, called “Women As Co-Creators With God” will be held at 7pm in Providence, Utah and will feature Laura Wolford, Ronda Callister, and Krisanne Hastings Knudsen. You can register here.