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To Let

I know what you are going to say.

I am going to write this post and then you are going to say, “Oh honey it’s so normal.”

And I don’t want you to say that.

Because I know it’s normal.

But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Also, I don’t want to write this post only to have you read it and say, “Oh honey, you are strange.”

Because I know that too. Continue reading To Let

Enjoy It!

Ah, we Segullah girls always have something up our sleeves and this is a good one. Available for purchase, right now, right here is Enjoy It!

“This collection of 137 witty/sassy/sexy/crazy blog posts will convince even the crustiest of souls that Courtney Jane Kendrick delights in daily life. Even when she can’t ovulate, and Target is closed, and the pumpkin tarts are sold out at the bakery. Join c jane as she dazzles her way through infertility, pregnancy, and brand-new motherhood with a cast of characters that includes one husband, two parents, five brothers, three sisters, dozens of nieces and nephews, several dogs and celebrities, various disembodied voices, and a nicotine-addicted ghost thrown in just for fun. Because this is her one and only life. And GREAT GRAVY! She’s enjoying it.”

Compiled and edited by the staff of Segullah, with fabulous cover design by our very own Maralise, Enjoy It! is a work of love to benefit Stephanie Nielson. The book is a very hip square paperback that will be shipped 3-5 business days after you place your order.

Courtney hardly needs an introduction around here, but you may recall that she started her blog as a response to well-meaning people who told her to enjoy her years of being childless. And she did. As we read through the last three years of blog posts to choose the very best ones for YOU, we found ourselves giggling and crying at c jane’s unique brand of humor and pathos. She is truly one-of-a-kind.

I have no doubt that Courtney will go on to publish many books, but this is the first. And it’s for the best cause. Enjoy It!

Post Pardon

dir segullah,

i know i told you that i would postthis morning but, thing is . . .
(let me switch the baby to the other shoulder)
(typing one handed ishard exclamation point)
i tried posting late last night
(or was it early morning question mark)
and i fell asleep with the laptop staring back at me.

then i tried to post this morning but, thing is . . .
(crying because i love my baby so much)
my time is somehow being absorbed by other tasks
(post-circumcision care)
(leak control)
making it hard to sit one place
for very long
before there is some thing/some one
(wait, sprinkler repairman at the door))
that distracts me so that i can’t post.

but there is something i really wanted to say,
it is what i feel so strongly in my heart
so important for me to share
and the very reason i keep
and trying
and trying
to post is:

(hold on, i’ve got visitors)

what was i saying question mark


The Hourglass Theory

It looked like an egg dissected down the middle. But instead of a slimy and shapeless center, the yolk was beating.

Hump. Hump. Hump.

“Fast and healthy!” said Katie as she moved the ultrasound baton over Lucy’s belly.

My baby had a male appendage, and Lucy’s had a heartbeat. All was well at the doctor’s office that winter afternoon.

Until later that night when Lucy called me crying,

“I’m bleeding.” Continue reading The Hourglass Theory