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Segullah, My Mentor

Everyone has a blog these days. Or at least one out of three people (according to no polls or official stats that I know of) blog. It is the new self-promoting scrapbook in this modern world. It is an open-invitation journal, slightly edited for general public consumption and mostly intended to portray a certain personality. A blogger is in charge of their own PR, image consultation and personal presentation. One can conceivably shape their own character out of a small space on the internet with the final result looking somewhat autobiographical, sprinkled with fiction. Continue reading Segullah, My Mentor

Celebrating the Celibate Part 2

Last June I wrote a post Celebrating the Celibate about a family friend, Christian, who is a celibate, active member of our church. My post was written shortly after an article about Christian’s lifestyle was featured in Utah County’s Daily Herald. For Segullah, Christian wrote an account of his story behind the article, and what is was like to come “out of the closet” in his celibacy. He will also be available to answer any questions in the comments section. My thanks to Christian for his courage and integrity.

I recently stumbled across Courtney’s post and was moved by her generosity and by the many kind and hopeful things said in the post and in the comments that followed. It is — in a very real way — exactly what I hoped might happen in the wake of the news article. Continue reading Celebrating the Celibate Part 2

Brief Comfort

Yesterday was my worst day yet. I was nauseated all day long and there was never a relief except falling asleep. When I found out that I was pregnant, I promised myself that I would continue to walk an hour a day no matter how bad I felt. After walking a couple paces yesterday down our favorite trail, I called the walk off. My dog Ralph was confused, but enjoyed the extra treats I gave him for his sacrifice. Continue reading Brief Comfort