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  • Charity Overturned

    September 1, 2006

    THE PHONE RANG —too early—something was wrong. It was our branch president. He must be mistaken, I thought, as I pulled on my jacket. I…

  • Never Faileth

    September 1, 2006

    FOR YEARS I HAD BEEN HALF-EXPECTING the phone call, but it still brought a jolt when it came: Thelma was in the hospital, expected to…

  • Elizabeth’s Quilt

    September 1, 2006

    THE STALE, LATE-AFTERNOON AIR hung heavily in the small chapel as the bishop stood at the pulpit reading the usual announcements. The stifling heat, close…

  • Heavenly Gifts

    September 1, 2006

    “MELANIE, ELIJAH DIDN’T MAKE IT.” Those were the first words I heard as I drifted back into consciousness. I tried to respond—to tell him that…

  • When Life Begins

    May 1, 2006

    IT IS LOOKING AT A BRITISH GRAVESTONE, of all things, that makes me think the question.
    The gravestone is old and covered with some sort of…