(a poem for Facebook)

Words slip from the screen,
winding me in threads of text,
binding mind and feeling.

Fumbling at the brisk
pace of caring,
I scroll through worlds—

loss, laughter, lunch on Tuesday,

silent strings of detail that
glisten outward

and by gossamer connection
I am both secured and sliced,
life left as ribbons
in my hand.

About Melissa Y.

(Emerita) is a native of Utah and currently resides in Mapleton with her husband and four children. She graduated from BYU with a degree in communication studies and a music minor. She loves to dabble and knows a little about a lot of things but not a lot about anything.

7 thoughts on “Ambivalence

  1. Scott, I’m dying laughing! Thanks for popping in. :)

    I appreciate your kind words, Sage.

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