Come, Ye Thankful People, Come!

Only the comforting drip of water disturbs the silence of this sleeping house. It is Thanksgiving morning and everyone is counting their blessings with an extra hour (or two) in bed. I imagine that my sister is awake upstairs reading her scriptures and whispering to her husband before he departs for his rounds at the hospital; the little girls may be dressing dolls or turning the pages of their fairy books. But the boys, the boys with their wrestling and jumping from bed to bed are most certainly still asleep.

I love this holiday where we pull up the covers to relish in our blessings rather than leap out of bed to get something new. I intend to savor every moment of this day with my family.

It was a twelve hour drive through miserable weather in a too-crowded car to my sister’s house, but yesterday as I watched our children chasing each other through the garden, building block towers, laughing and dancing in the kitchen as we rolled out thirteen pies (two pecan, three chocolate mousse, two apple, two cherry, two pumpkin, two Toll House)– I felt incredibly blessed. Perhaps my favorite hour of the day was when my my three middle boys, inspired by a hat I made on the drive, begged me to teach them to knit. My nieces donated large needles and skeins of yarn as we formed a massive knitting circle– knit one, purl two.


And so, today, I’d like to hear/read your favorite moment of the holiday. Please share a glimpse of your happiness. Together, let’s knit and weave a long, grateful list that will wrap us in the comfort of God’s blessings.

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14 thoughts on “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come!

  1. The picture made me laugh, because yesterday my two younger sons, 8 and 10, make hats. Only they used knifty knitters. I was thinking of teaching them to crochet, because now they want to make scarves.

    I love the time with my family, talking, playing games togther, that is what makes the day wonderful for me.

  2. After scriptures this morning, my dad read a newspaper article to us about two football players from opposing teams who became friends because one congratulated the other after his team won. It was just really great journalism about having class and I love that the family listened intently and had a single appreciation of the article. So that’s the first memory for today.

  3. oh Michelle, I love that picture of your boys!
    This morning I pulled out a super hot fluffy quilt out of the dryer. I cradled it in my arms passed my family and upstairs to my bed. I threw it on and huddled underneath the static-y heat. I was piping hot in a freezing house. I cannot adequately describe how awesome that felt. I am thankful for electric dryers.

    Also this Thanksgiving, I am particularly grateful for the knowledge that through Christ, we will all live again. I look forward to glorious reunions with loved ones. So yeah. Electric dryers and the Resurrection…not necessarily in that order. 😉

  4. Wow! Xander is FAST!

    That picture reminds me of General Conference Sunday at my house–only my boys crochet instead of knit. :-)

    My favorite moment of the day so far: all of us sitting around the breakfast table, sunlight streaming through the window, eating the cinnamon coffee cake my husband got up early to make for us (even though he can’t eat it himself because he can’t have gluten), reading aloud the latest letter from our missionary boy.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  5. We had a great day. DH took two kids to play flag football in the Turkey Bowl while I made our dishes for a Thanksgiving potluck. Then we went to the church for our potluck and ate while the kids ran around for a while. Then we all went roller skating. It was a wonderful family day.

  6. I love that picture of your boys. What a good, sweet mama you are!

    I feel incredibly grateful for the Word of Wisdom (our Church’s health code that urges us to avoid alcohol, drugs, and coffee). My mom is a convert, and tragically her siblings and father died decades before their time, because of alcohol abuse. I know that with the genes and personality I’ve inherited, there’s a very good chance I would have gone down the same path of self-destruction that my relatives did. Thanks to the Word of Wisdom, I had a reason to not even experiment with alcohol or drugs. I consider that an incredible blessing in my life, and I’m thankful to have values and rules like this to pass on to my own children.

  7. Michelle – you have a wonderful way of creating a feeling of community with these kind of posts. I love the simple solicitation for gratitude. For me today, it was snuggling with Sami in the early morning, running alone on frozen streets, watching my boys climb into my husband’s lap, sitting round the table with family, eating excellent food and listening to my girls chatter. We ought to be a “thankful people” – thanks for gathering us this way Michelle. And I’m in love with the pic of your boys knitting.

  8. We’ve been looking for a new dining room table, and found the perfect one on craigslist two days ago. We were able to squeeze the new one and the old one into our dining room so that everyone could have a seat for our Thanksgiving dinner. I’m glad that all of our guests arrived safely and on-time too.

  9. Love those pictures and thoughts, Michelle.

    My favorite Thanksgiving moment was in that lovely time after we’d eaten but before anyone got up from the table. We had great conversations and laughs and then we started singing rounds and Thanksgiving alleluias. Looking around the candlelit table at friends and family with the soundtrack of those hymns, I swelled with gratitude.

  10. Love the triple knitters!

    We have been in the East for over 10 years now, so we are far from immediate family. Usually we switch off hosting friends at our house or driving to MA (right near Plymouth where it all started) to have Thanksgiving with my husband’s aunt. This year our friend’s reciprocated and all I had to make were pies!

    My favorite moment? Probably washing dishes with my friend while everyone else played and talked! I’m getting old & boring!

  11. I am grateful that families are forever, and that I get to start my own with the most wonderful man in the world this February :]

    God is so, so good!

  12. Our Thanksgiving was lovely.

    Best moments? Sledding with my brother’s Alaskan sled dog, watching my family laugh around the table, walking around Temple Square with my kids on my brothers’ shoulders, making pies with my sister, mom and sister-in-law. It was a bittersweet holiday, but the bitter was a counterpoint to so much love that it was more than bearable.

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