General Relief Society Meeting– if you watch nothing else, just listen to this song

With thirty-two kids eating homecoming dance dinner at my house Saturday night, I didn’t quite make it to the Relief Society Meeting. So, I’ve been listening this morning while cleaning my kitchen. And this song stopped me in my tracks. I ran to my computer and changed from audio only to full video:

Radiant, beautiful, YOUNG sister missionaries singing “Go Forth in Faith/As Sisters in Zion.” Not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby.

As LDS women, it seems there’s a lot to disagree on these days, but we are all ultimately on the same side. We are sisters.

I feel sure someone here has a daughter or sister or friend in that choir, please point her out to us. Also, we usually have some sort of discussion on General Relief Society Meeting. Please feel free to start that discussion in the comments. But excuse me for a minute, I (ducking my head in shame) still need to watch the second half of the meeting while I scrub my dishes.

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21 thoughts on “General Relief Society Meeting– if you watch nothing else, just listen to this song

  1. My favorite part was Linda Reeves’ talk about the Provo Tabernacle. I am in my late forties and my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly about a year ago. My mother passed away unexpectedly about six months later. I see myself as the gutted Tabernacle. I was burned clear through, charred. However, the Master Builder has a wonderful set of plans I have not been completely privy to see and I am being rebuilt in ways I never imagined. I trust Him. I know after He is finished with me, I will be something more glorious than I imagined.

    I also felt President Monson’s grief when he said he misses Frances. Just because one knows about our eternal nature doesn’t mean we don’t grieve and miss our loved ones who have passed.

  2. I loved the meeting but I need to go back and revisit it. I think most of all seeing President Monson, who looks older to me now, and having him witness of God’s love for us. He seems humble and sincere, weighted with his calling.

    I loved the focus on covenant keeping as well. I am always a fan of core doctrine taught in RS meetings, and this one delivered for me.

  3. When it was said (I think by Sister Reeves) that she grieves for the women whose hearts have been broken by those they love that break their covenants, I felt validated and loved. I appreciated the reminder that the choices of my family members do not determine my status before the Lord. I felt gathered in, that all of us were gathered by recognizing the heart-rending trials that aren’t of our own making can polarize us, dividing us into divorced, stay at home, working, etc. When we focus on our personal relationship with the Lord that is where we find common ground and can lift each other.

  4. I too loved Sister Reeves talk. Some of my favorite thoughts were these: Express your deepest pains and desires to your Father in Heaven. The Lord allows us to be tried and tested, maybe to our max capacity. The Lord stands with open arms – wanting to help us. Glory comes after MUCH tribulation. Believe in the Atonement. Don’t be so critical of yourself. Satan tries to beat us down. God wants to build us up.

    Her whole talk really spoke to me. I also loved the overall theme of the meeting which seemed to be – keep your covenants.

    I loved when Pres. Monson said “when your fear replaces your faith, pray” and “His will is wiser than your own.”

  5. I loved the entire meeting. I have a hard time with the ones that focus only on telling us we are wonderful, because that feels like we aren’t viewed as very strong. The message of covenant-keeping was positive, universally applicable and motivating to action. (And, as was previously mentioned, core doctrine.) I also felt like I came away with specific directives for my situation. The music was great too :)

  6. (By not viewed as strong I mean, strong enough to be told we need to improve. Because we can almost always do better. I come home from those feeling very guilty, especially knowing the men usually come home feeling a little beaten up…)

  7. I loved the meeting, too, and Jendoop, you wrote my thoughts already. I was also holding back tears when they were singing this song. Also, Pres. Monson’s talk touched me, and normally I just don’t connect with him.

  8. Okay, wonder woman, 32 kids eating dinner at your house? I hope we see a blog post about how you pulled that off soon. :)

    I, too, loved Sister Reeves. I felt an instant kinship when she was called (she has 13 kids). She has lost a daughter, almost lost her husband, and who knows what else. Like the rest of us she has had her challenges but has come through them with strengthened faith in the Lord.

    I loved the emphasis on making and keeping covenants throughout the whole meeting. It is the simple things, the simpleness of the way, where we find happiness and peace and answers to our questions.

    And I cried during that medley. What a powerful force those sister missionaries (and all missionaries) are!

  9. I loved that the focus was on keeping covenants because it is one of the big whys – why we serve, teach, visit teach, etc. I love that “bigger picture” perspective. I know it’s what I need so very often. And I couldn’t hold back tears every time that missionary choir sang. It was incredibly powerful and (correct me if I’m wrong) the first time we’ve had a sister missionary choir sing at the Relief Society broadcast (or any other broadcast, for that matter). I loved it!

  10. My favorite part of the entire meeting was that all sister missionary choir. So powerful. So moving. So inspiring.

  11. I watched at my stake center. I enjoyed the talks and took some notes, but I didn’t get as much out it as I had hoped. I was distracted by feeling sick due to pregnancy-related issues, so I spent some time half listening, half debating if I needed to run to the bathroom to throw up. My favorite part ended up being looking around at the sisters in the chapel and feeling strength and unity with these women who are striving to live their covenants. I want to re-read the talks when I am feeling well, but I hope to keep the feeling I had during the meeting.

  12. I loved that the older sisters and younger sisters joined together to sing- that was my favorite part.

    Question though- does anyone know why the older sisters didn’t have their missionary tags – I assumed they were senior missionaries- maybe not?

  13. Two comments on the choir. There has been a (part) sister missionary choir in the past, I know because I sang in it as a BYU student. It was in 2003 and was a combination of the BYU Women’s Chorus and the sisters serving on Temple Square. Also, the older sisters in the choir were not missionaries. It was announced that the choir was composed of missionaries from the MTC and sisters from the Provo area. Hope that clears up the questions. :)

  14. Tears filled my eyes instantly when she announced the sister missionary choir. I was so thrilled to see that large group of eager young women so excited to go out there and teach. And then the tears really got going when they sang!

    I also liked this sentence from Pres. Monson: “God’s love is there for you whether or not you deserve love. It is simply always there.” I have struggled for years with knowing that I couldn’t blame anyone else but myself for the trials in my life. I picked this life–I’m the one who made my choices. I didn’t follow the advice I’d been given since childhood. All the mistakes are only mine. His words gave me hope that God is there for me anyway.

  15. I had the blessing of being in the Conference Center to hear this General Relief Society Meeting. The very first note of this arrangement the choir sisters sang brought me to the edge of my seat. I dont think I moved an inch as they sang, but the tears just streamed down my face.
    I hung on to every word/note they sang.

    The focus on covenant keeping has given so much perspective, peace, and strength to my soul in just a few short days.

    And yes, I knew someone in the choir! A YW from my Stake here in South Florida.

  16. One of the older sisters who was in the choir, not wearing a nametag, is my aunt. She and her husband serve as leaders in one of the MTC branches.
    That may be a partial answer to Sandra’s question.

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