Surely you know by now that we are throwing a party for you this Saturday?

Provo, UT, University Mall, Deseret Book 2-4 p.m.

We have food, raffles, readings and a NieNie fundraiser just for you. But it won’t be much fun if you’re not there!

As posted last week, all royalties from sales of The Mother in Me that day (both in stores and online at Deseret Book) will go directly to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Recovery Fund.

Sadly, gas and plane tickets aren’t cheap and we know many of you can’t be there. So please join us in spirit Saturday by laughing out loud and eating chocolate wherever you may be.  And you can still participate in the fundraiser by making online purchases of The Mother in Me anytime on Saturday the 18th. [Note: this fundraiser does not include purchases made through]

Confession? I’m giddy with excitement. I simply can’t wait to rub shoulders with YOU.

See you Saturday!

October 16, 2008

Michelle L.

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