Ephemeral Wings

· Winner of the 2015 Segullah poetry contes ·

April 15, 2015

from a James Christensen painting

She chases a white butterfly,
sleeve wings billowing
focused on fair flight
while we’re warm
in her small sun.
Bright vision,
she puffs hundreds
of wings skyward, twirls,
captures white dandelion chaff.

We reach unconsciously
to brace her, embrace
the instant
while light burns.
While we’re warm
in her small sun,
she vanishes into
the apple orchard
following petals
freed by the breeze.
We lament
the eye’s anatomy,
our need to blink,
our eyes heavy as

Markay Brown

Markay Brown, St George, Utah, was born an addict to the written word. A graduate of BYU, she began writing poetry at an age well beyond precociousness. How about 60? She won first place for her manuscript, Eve’s Child, in the 2014 Utah Original Writing Competition, Book-length Collection of Poetry, judged by Richard Howard of Columbia University. Markay and her poet husband collaborated on a book of poems titled, Blended. She serves as president of Redrock Writers, a chapter of the Utah State Poetry Society. Family, friends, reading, writing, music, and long walks in the red rocks make her happy.