Submit a Blog to the Sampler

Do you know of an insightful, witty, uplifting, or otherwise noteworthy blog written by an LDS woman? Maybe that blog should be in our Sampler. Maybe, that blog is your blog.

Being on the Sampler is temporary for most blogs

Due to server limitations, we can carry only a limited number of blogs in our Sampler listing of recent posts by LDS women. Currently, we are accepting blogs for a six-month period.

It is about the writing.

We are eager to share some of those blogs we love to read, engaging writing that furthers Segullah’s mission to encourage literary talent, provoke thought, and promote greater understanding and faith among LDS women. We would like to see the voice and direction of the blog so please submit only if the blog is six months old or has more than 40 posts.

We do see the great value of family scrapbook and journal blogs, but promoting family pictures or daily activities to a general audience is not part of our mission, so we don’t carry that kind of blog in the Sampler.

So, how do I submit?

Send an email to blog.sampler at segullah dot org. Include the URL (website address) of the blog you’re submitting, and whether you write there, or are a recommending reader.

When will I know if my blog was accepted?

Decisions on whether or not to include a blog may take up to two weeks. If your blog is accepted to be featured in the Sampler, you will receive an email from our blog team, welcoming you and providing you with helpful links.

What else? Especially “what else” if the Sampler doesn’t take my blog?

Keep writing!

And remember, Segullah is also a journal published twice a year. Subscribers receive it by mail, hold it in their hands, and open its lovely full-color cover to flip through the pages to enjoy the writing within. Consider submitting a piece for print publication. Recent blog posts by Segullah authors and staff bypass the usual submission process, are listed in the first column of the Sampler, and their blogs stay listed longer than six months, if not indefinitely.

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