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Becoming Cat People

A two weeks ago I stood for the first time in the pet aisle of the grocery store, critically weighing the options in kitten chow, blundering exactly how I had gotten to that point. Up until an hour before, I had never before considered all the many options in kitten chow: wet, dry, bag size, flavors, and brands; let alone having a cat to feed it to.

That morning we had gone as a family to the farmer’s market and the library, and came home with two kittens.  Going out I anticipated picking up some tomatoes, okra and a few books; new pets, not so much. Yet, somehow passing by the shelter, turned into “well, let’s just go look at them.” It was a perfect storm, right inside the door was a fuzzy eight week old orange kitten, litter box trained: my son’s birthday wish made flesh. Oh, and on sale. Today only, all cat adoptions half price. That’s how we got talked into the other cat, another eight week old orphan with black and white markings. It was a very happy early birthday present to my son. Continue reading Becoming Cat People

Mommy the Hypocrite

My little boy is turning six in a month, and for at least six months I’ve been hearing all about the Angry Birds cupcakes he wants for his birthday party. Every time he mentions Angry Birds I change the subject. I don’t like Angry Birds. I don’t want Angry Birds at his birthday. In fact, I don’t even understand why he likes them so much. I don’t own any sort of smart phone or other similar device and I’m pretty sure my son has never actually played the game. We don’t own a video game system and my kids don’t watch any television, so my son’s fixation on the latest craze is baffling, and frankly a little irritating to me. No matter how much I want to keep my children’s childhood commercial free, those stupid little birds are plastered all over everything. Even my two-year-old brightens up when she sees them and chirps “Angry Birds!” Continue reading Mommy the Hypocrite

Angry Mom

Today’s guest post author has asked to remain anonymous.

I can still vividly remember the first time I hit my daughter. She was about eighteen months old and didn’t want to get in her carseat. I was frustrated by her wriggling and whining, and somehow my hand came up and slapped her on the cheek. Her eyes widened and filled with tears, and so did mine. I Iooked at her sad little face and vowed never to do that again.

But I did. Continue reading Angry Mom

Patriarchal Blessing

In a couple of weeks my youngest daughter will receive her patriarchal blessing. She’s only thirteen, but for six months now she has been pestering me and my husband about getting her blessing. At first I brushed her off, thinking she wouldn’t be able to understand the blessing’s significance at such a young age, and told her it would be best if she waited until she was a little older. But she persisted. To her credit, for the past several months she has researched patriarchal blessings on her own, read talks and articles, asked me and my husband questions, fasted, pondered, and prayed. Her desire for her blessing has never waned, nor has her insistence that she is ready. Continue reading Patriarchal Blessing

A Valentine for My Village

Two weeks before Valentine ’s Day my daughter’s teacher sent home a box with instructions to decorate it and bring it back for the class party. We’ve made Valentine boxes for the past few years, so I was no stranger to the tradition and was at least grateful that this time we were given a box and did not have to scrounge for one ourselves. We kept running out of time to work on the box and it eventually got lost under the pile of debris that perpetually accumulates in the one corner of my kitchen that I’ve started referring to as the Black Hole. I tried to forget about the fact that we needed to decorate a Valentine box because I had much more pressing things on my mind in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Then, on the Friday before Valentine’s, my daughter announced that she wanted to decorate her box to look like a tea set and that she would need some stiff paper in red and pink. Inside I began to panic a little, because I’m not that crafty and I certainly do not have the skills to turn her vision into reality. But I still went to Hobby Lobby the next day and loaded up on pink and red cardstock and Valentine stickers. Continue reading A Valentine for My Village