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My Life’s True Mission

AEE327F4-E3A4-46AA-86DD-A27E4D8122E1At twelve, I felt the first stirrings of destiny. What plan did God have for me, and how could I follow it? I took German and French, discovering I had a knack for languages. Maybe I’d serve a mission. Perhaps I’d become an ambassador, maybe even feed the hungry masses in India. I loved, loved, loved to read and write, so maybe I’d become a writer and uplift millions around the world with my lyrical prose. Perhaps the Lord could use my literary talents to spread the gospel, like the Osmonds used their music. And I would get married (to Donny Osmond, I secretly hoped) and have children, raise up future missionaries, maybe even a prophet. Surely I was destined for greatness. I would emblazon my name across the night sky, make my grand mark on the world. Continue reading