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It was a dark and stormy night last Friday here in Georgia. Okay, it was really just drizzling, but it was dark. My mom was driving me and my daughter to my sister’s house, about a mile away, for dinner. Because Mom lives here and I don’t, I figured she knew where she was going. We picked up her prescription at the drive-in pharmacy, then headed to my sister’s house. At least that was the plan. Continue reading

A Blessing for Mothers’ Day

“Mothers’ Poem” was collectively written by twelve women from the Santa Monica CA Stake on the occasion of Mothers’ Day, 2011.  The genesis of the poem occurred at one of the Westdale II Ward’s Friday “Park Days” (moms chat, kids play).  On one of these days, the topic of conversation was the article on Mormon women’s ritual healing that had been published in a recent issue of the Journal of Mormon History. We discussed the nearly century-long legacy of Mormon women laying on hands to bless the sick.  We were especially touched by the beautiful ritual of sisters coming together to bless women about to give birth.  One of the sisters in our group, who was eight months pregnant at the time, mused about how powerful and meaningful it would be to receive a blessing from sisters who shared the experience of birth as a physical and spiritual passage.  We wanted to draw on this rich spiritual legacy while showing deference to the Church’s current policy governing blessings, and hit upon the idea of writing a collective poem. Each section of the text represents the contribution of an individual sister (plus an introductory section at the beginning).  This poem contains the words that we would say if we lived during the time when Mormon women gave blessings, or the words of a prayer that we might offer today on behalf of a sister among us preparing to cross the threshold into motherhood.

This poem was written by Marcella Capasso, Darin Epperson, Melissa Erekson, Rachel Gee, Lori Hulbert, Melissa Inouye, Neesha McKay, Leslie Paugh, Tanna Romero, Donna Simon, Kim Wilson, and Gwendolyn Wyne
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Running the Numbers

And the evening and the morning were the first day.

I ran 200 fewer miles in 2010 than in 2009.  I read 25 fewer books.  I spent a lot of time doing things I don’t enjoy like moving, volunteering in classrooms, baking (mostly) unsuccessful allergen-free breads and goodies, hosting parties and play-dates, and cleaning.  I gave up lifelong dreams.  I walked away from opportunities I thought I wanted.  I had another miscarriage, another D&C.  I continued to be terrible at things like Visiting Teaching (or any activity in which I have to use the phone), making deadlines, and mailing packages.  I spent more time alone. Continue reading

So, What else do you “do”?

This if for my friend who recently wrote me an email about her discouragement.

She has a three-year-old and a new baby. Someone asked her the other day, “So, what do you do besides keep 2 children alive?” They laughed a bit, but the girl waited for an answer and my friend stood there thinking, “I don’t do ANYTHING but keep two children alive. That’s all I do.” Continue reading