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2019 Spring Journal With Contest Winners: Editor’s Note & Table of Contents

By Sherilyn Stevenson


Editor’s Note

Welcome to our stunning Spring journal which showcases the latest contributions of fine artists and women affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to Linda’s interview with Mormon Studies author and scholar, Fara Sneddon, and her subsequent essay, this issue features the winning pieces from our 2019 Visual Arts, Poetry, and Prose Contest.

If only we knew how our contest theme, “If You Only Knew. . . ,” would spark imaginations and yield such thoughtful entries, we might have prompted you sooner! Yet it seems fitting that Spring marks a time to explore anew what we want others to know about us as women of faith–faith that, in all its forms and phases, influences what we create. Chesterton wrote, “. . . the more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.” *  We recognize the featured artists within this issue whose faith provides a framework for their running wild with good ideas as they create pieces and research issues relevant to our world.

With that, dear readers and artists, run wild! It’s Spring, and it’s time for good things.

*From Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

Table of Contents



The History of Women’s Healings and Blessings: An Interview with Author Fara Sneddon


Ministering, Healing, and the Lost Sheep by Fara Sneddon

Poetry Contest Winners

2019 Poetry Contest Winners

Prose Contest Winner

2019 Prose Contest Winner: Goodbye, Baba by Allison Merrill

Visual Arts Contest Winners

2019 Visual Arts Contest Winners

We express our deep gratitude to the Eugene England Foundation for supporting Segullah’s contributions to the advancement of Latter-day Saint arts and letters. Their gift provides a $100 prize to each of Segullah’s first place contest winners.


About Sherilyn Stevenson

Prose Editor at Segullah, Sherilyn Stevenson's essays and poetry appear in Dialogue, The Friend, LDS Living, Mothers Always Write, and other publications. She earned a Masters of English with a creative writing emphasis and works for state government in Utah.

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