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Happily Dependent

As it is American Independence Day, I’ve been pondering about what to write along that theme. Since I don’t live in the United States, I was kinda coming up…. blank. After much thought, I finally rested upon the term “Independent.”

“Am I independent?” I mused to myself.

Well, I am certainly unique. Maybe even weird. But I kind of like that about me. More importantly, I think a lot of people, if not all of us are unique, maybe even a little weird, and hopefully we like the unique and weird self-identifiers that we have. But at the end of the day, I am quite certain that I am not independent.

1. I am dependent on prayer. I really am. That doesn’t mean I am good at it, that I never nod off or get distracted during a prayer, or that I haven’t grumbled when someone else is praying for something I do not want to come to fruition.

2. I am dependent on my husband. He is truly my best friend and the best person I know. He is our family provider, and though I think if he were hit by a bus today, I would somehow be okay (see dependent item #1), but I think I would talk to him every day for the rest of my life, if he were by my side in person or in spirit. I still don’t quite know what he sees in me, but he has made this mess of a human bloom into the most exotic hybrid rose-cross-Flame-Lily. I am blessed by him beyond words, and love him with every fibre of my being and soul.

3. I am dependent on my eyes. I love reading, writing, seeing smiling faces, driving, and everything in-between. I love commercial art- going to the grocery store can be as exotic as a going to a museum when you think about the time, effort, creativity, education, strategy, and planning that go into the commercial art we see on the packaging. After I visit a museum, often have a more powerful spiritual feeling as when I serve in the temple. I have experienced very temporary bouts of blindness from diabetic shock or migraines, and was most panicked over losing my sight.  I am, in my current state, dependent on my eyes for information, direction, spiritual enlightenment, and just about everything.

My list goes on. It is much to long for one blog post, and much, much, too long for me to consider myself independent. So I suppose, in light of this, rather than celebrating independence, I feel much more drawn to celebrating, recognising and spending time with the things I find myself dependent upon.

Because complete independence is over-rated. Even as a nation. Any nation.

I love sharing global scientific information and medicine. I love ethnic foods from the curried tips of Nepal to the earthy potatoes of South America. I love a world that works together to resolve war, pandemics, starvation, natural disasters and so on. Yes, we can do better, and I love it when we do, and try and work together. I also love a nation that has wildly differing political positions and causes, and the ability to yet come together in peace. The peace part seems lacking in the world today.  But I have hope.  Hope that we can see how dependent we are on each other. Even if we are a bit unique. And maybe ever a little weird.

Thus, today I am celebrating dependence.

If I catch some fireworks in the distance that are operated by professionals who I am dependent upon for safely putting on that kind of a show, then I’ll celebrate that, too.


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