A New Green Birth

By Julie Nelson

We scatter seeds
in rows of statued stone
marked with names
and planting year.

Encased in sleek shell,
the earth cool
upon their necks,
the seeds sleep
through seasons
of light and dark,
eyes pallid as the moon.

God sees His seed,
waiting to be
warmed by the Sun.
Buds uncurl under fingertips
drumming thunder,
watered by soft drops
from a thousand shouts
raining Hosanna,
to rise and circle with
wet wings
on the morning of
a new green birth.


About Julie Nelson

Julie K. Nelson is a mother of five, author of two books, and wife of one patient husband. She received a master’s degree from Utah State University and currently teaches at Utah Valley University. Her research and creative writing have been published in journals, anthologies, and other media outlets and she is a contributing expert on radio and television. Find her at www.aspoonfulofparenting.com where she writes on the triumphs, challenges, and power of parenting.

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