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April 2015 General Conference Open Thread

By Christie Rasmussen

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Another General Conference means another open thread. While last week’s General Women’s Session marked the official start of conference, remark on what strikes you today and tomorrow in the comments below. Who’s your favorite speaker? What words are an answer to prayers? Let us know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “April 2015 General Conference Open Thread”

  1. LOVED Bednar's talk on fear and peace. So true — the peace of God is real and more powerful than any fear we may have.

  2. Utchdorf's priesthood session talk was my favorite message of the day: a timely and excellent reminder to put down false or wishful projections and really minister and see each other.

    And I loved Nelson Mandela's definition of a saint. Can't remember who said it- but still.

  3. I liked Elder Cook's talk about families and unity in the church. He always seems to emphasize wives and husbands working together as equal partners, and I liked when he talked about the importance of people using their native language to participate in the gospel. And I liked what he had to say about culture- emphasizing the importance of ethnic cultures and gospel culture.

  4. There's always at least one talk that seems spoken just for me. This morning, it was Sister Wixom's talk about having faith despite questions.

  5. I am not currently in a faith crisis, but have such empathy with those who are. I loved the kind, validating way Sis. Wixom addressed handling faith crisis and the ways a ward can support. And Elder Nielsen's talk about his sister journey away from the gospel and home again. Fabulous conference.


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