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Artist Statement by Featured Artist Brooke Smart

By Linda Hoffman Kimball


Brooke Smart is an illustrator living and working on a mountaintop in Draper, Utah, along with her five-year-old daughter and their cat, Sunshine. She studied illustration at BYU and received her BFA in 2007. Her work focuses on themes such as motherhood, childhood, and womanhood, and she strives to tell these stories with honesty and joy. Clients include The New York Times, Random House, Viking, Bravery Magazine, Illustoria Magazine, Better Days 2020, Peachtree Publishing, The Friend, and the New Era. Along with her freelance work, she also enjoys teaching, and has taught for two years at BYU.


About Linda Hoffman Kimball

Linda Hoffman Kimball is an artist, writer, photographer, and poet who grew up as a faithful Christian near Chicago, & joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1971 while at Wellesley College near Boston. Early on she assumed that all Latter-day Saints were articulate, inquisitive, faithful, and socially engaged since her role models in the University wards in Cambridge, MA., were. Her husband says she is “fluent, but not native” in Mormon-ese. She is a founding member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government.

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