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ATTN All Readers in the Washington DC area

By Shelah Miner

At 8pm on Tuesday, April 14th, the Howard University PBS station (WHUT) will air Margaret Young and Darius Gray’s documentary Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons. I’ve been interviewing Margaret for an upcoming issue of Segullah, and I know that she’s really excited about one of the nation’s premier historically black universities showing their work. It’s a really interesting, well-done and important film.

If you’re not in metro DC and still want to see the documentary, follow the link above for ordering instructions.

About Shelah Miner

(Co-Editor-in-Chief) teaches English at BYU and French at a Salt Lake City middle school. She has an addiction to her Audible account, hates making dinner, and embraces the chaos of life with a husband, six kids, a dog, a lizard and four rabbits.

3 thoughts on “ATTN All Readers in the Washington DC area”

  1. By the way, the DVD is now available. So those not in the D.C. area should go buy a copy. (But those in the area should attend — it's much more exciting on the big screen).

  2. Actually, Kaimi, unless audience members have big screen televisions, they'll have the same experience you had viewing the DVD–except that the WHUT (Howard University's PBS station) broadcast is edited to the required length: 56:40. But it's definitely a good idea for people to gather and have a party as part of the experience. I've stayed at Kathryn's parents' home–great location for a party!!


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