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Auction #9 Photo-to-DVD Transfer

By Hildie Westenhaver

Got a baptism coming up (or a wedding or your parent’s anniversary)?  Then you definitely need a video of all those growing-up, growing-old photos.

This auction is for 50 photos or slides turned into a DVD (complete with music, titles, the whole shebang).  Normally most places charge $1.50 to $3.00 per photo for this service, so you have a chance to score quite a deal. 

The only caveat:  you’ll have to send your photos to Texas.  If you are uncomfortable with that, then think twice before bidding.


*****for bidding instructions go here

About Hildie Westenhaver

(Blog Team) was born and raised in Detroit, but is happy to call Austin, TX home now. She majored in Art History and Geography at BYU and graduated a week before having her first baby. There have been five more babies since then. Hildie is an avid baker and tries to fatten up the people she loves.

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