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Auction item #8: baby legwarmers

By Shelah Miner

Because every baby needs a pair of legwarmers, or three…

This auction item is for three pairs of baby legwarmers, similar to those sold here. You specify if you want them for a boy, a girl or some of both, and if you have any general preferences for style and color. Then I’ll scour the stores in my area, buy the cutest knee socks I can find, work my magic on them, and you’ll have legwarmers for your baby! My daughter started wearing hers right after she was born (a skinny six-pounder) and she’s still wearing them at almost-two. My second grader sometimes borrows them from her little sister. They’re great.

Here’s a photo of legwarmers I’ve made in the past, and one of my little girl wearing them, just because she’s cute:


*****For bidding instructions, go here

About Shelah Miner

(Co-Editor-in-Chief) teaches English at BYU and French at a Salt Lake City middle school. She has an addiction to her Audible account, hates making dinner, and embraces the chaos of life with a husband, six kids, a dog, a lizard and four rabbits.

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