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Because this is what I’m really thinking about this morning:

By Brooke Benton

Do you think we’ll sleep in heaven?

I heard somewhere that we’ll eat in heaven, but that we won’t sleep. We’ll enjoy our same relationships, but there will be few words between us.

And sometimes I just can’t wrap my mind around this (because I’m tired and want to sleep). How do you contemplate the afterlife? What do you think it will be like? Or does that kind of thing matter to you: do you think about it? Or are you content to just trust that whatever it is, it’s perfect?

About Brooke Benton

(Blog Team) is attempting inner om with this writing stuff. Proud to claim four loud children, a patient husband and a fat black cat as family, she feels blessed to be their mommy-- their giver of kisses and baker of cookies. She is ever seeking a good novel and wishing for the sand between her toes, palm trees, the ocean.

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