WORDS FALL IN SEGULLAH PODCAST interviewing Claire Akebrand

November 30, 2017

Want to stare into the vastness of the night sky while looking down into a book?

Join us on the podcast today as I interview Claire Akebrand, poet and author extraordinaire. Claire recently published a novel entitled A Field is White. It is getting rave reviews.

She also wrote a perfectly-sized poetry book called What Was Left of the Stars that is packed with gorgeous imagery.

Here is a poem of hers (sorry about the blog spacing) entitled


The moon wades
through night’s swamp, knee-high
in her rags of a wedding dress,
From down here,
her struggle seems light.
splotches of mud on her face.

Please sit down and have a listen to Words Fall In, Episode 4. Claire’s lyrical voice, talent, and wisdom should keep you captivated…..

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  1. Sherilyn

    November 30, 2017

    This is sheer word luxury!

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