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Book Club Reminder: Mockingjay Next Thursday

By Angela Hallstrom

A quick reminder to those interested in participating in our first ever book club discussion: we’ll be discussing Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins here on the blog next Thursday, Nov. 18th. You have less than a week to finish reading it, but there’s still time. Anyone who’s read the book is welcome to participate in the discussion by joining in the comment thread. (If you want to find out more info about our book club and missed our initial announcement, read this.)

I thought I’d post a few questions to get you thinking before we start discussing next Thursday. Please do not respond to these questions now. I just wanted to prime the pump and give some of you a chance, if you want it, to write up a quick response and have it ready to go on Thursday. Please refrain from writing essay length discourses, however [says she who can’t write a succinct blog comment to save her life]. But in truth, in order for our blog-based book club to work and not get bogged down in comments, individual responses shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs long. If you tend to long-windedness, perhaps consider tackling one question at a time.

Here are the questions to get you started. On the day of our book club discussion, you can respond to one or all (or none) of these questions:

1. Mockingjay is a young adult novel intended for readers age twelve and up, but the book is very violent. School Library Journal calls the novel “ruthless” in its depiction of the horrors of war, and many readers have been stunned and disturbed by the book. Did you (or would you) let your adolescent child read Mockingjay? Why or why not? As an adult reader, did you find the level of violence in the novel gratuitous or necessary to developing the theme of the consequences of war?

2. Many readers feel that Mockingjay is a departure from books 1 and 2 of The Hunger Games series and were surprised by both the events in this book and its overall tone. Did you feel this way? Why or why not?

3. What about that ending? Did you agree with the way the main characters developed through to the end of the series? The resolution of the Peeta/Gale/Katniss triangle? In the end, was the novel satisfying thematically as well as emotionally?

I’m excited to discuss the novel with all of you in less than a week. Get reading, get thinking, get ready to type!

(Although I don’t want anyone to discuss the book in this thread today, if you do have any general questions about our discussion or about the book club in general, feel free to post them here.)

About Angela Hallstrom

(Advisory Board) grew up in Utah, then moved to Minnesota, then came back to Utah, then packed up her husband and four kids and moved to Minnesota--again!-- in the summer of 2010. Although she loves the Land of 10,000 Lakes, she dearly misses Slurpees, Sunday dinners at her Mom's house, and eating a whole entire Cafe Rio pork salad while lunching with her Utah-based Segullah sisters. And yes, she finds it telling that everything she misses about her hometown is somehow related to food. She has an BA in English from BYU, an MFA in creative writing from Hamline University, and has taught writing to high school and college students.

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  1. Angela, I just had a friend forward me the info about Segullah's book group because she knows how much I adore reading and discussing books. After reading about it, I was looking through Segullah's archives and realized you had moved to Minnesota. Minnesota! Where I live! Where are you at? My child went to a great Lutheran preschool too.


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