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Calling Out Our Callings

By Brooke Benton

On my birthday (fancy that!) I was called into the Bishop’s office and given a new calling—a calling I had always presupposed would be my dream calling (seriously: fancy that). As soon as he said, “instructor in the Relief Society,” a huge smile burst forth from my lips and almost as quickly, I felt immediate shame in that gregarious smile. I tried to close my mouth and ended up just raising my eyebrows. Still, when he asked how I felt about the calling, I couldn’t resist saying it: “I feel really great.”

It was such an odd experience. I’ve never been so excited by a calling; I’ve never really felt at home in a calling or loved it completely.

I’ve always learned in my callings, learned from them. I’ve always grown as a person. But enjoying the process of that was an entirely different thing. I come from the school of thought that doesn’t allow you to say no to any calling and so I always say yes, assuming the spirit of the call knows more than my meager mind, the logic I use to try and unravel whatever the bishop might have been thinking.

(There, I said it: I think I know what’s best.)

And I know I need to be humbled.

For years I was mired in the piano callings, bouncing from one piano to the next. From that I took away an ease in performance I had not known prior. Then there have been the string of presidency callings, which never fail to leave me feeling less-than. I’ve just decided that I’m not that girl—the talents of “planning” and “organizing” have never been in my canon. I’ve also had callings in cub scouts, with the youth—things I only did with my hands and not my heart because my own kids were too young to participate.

I know this was wrong.  Is wrong.

I feel so much guilt about the possibility that I didn’t magnify my callings. I feel as though Heavenly Father had very specific things He needed me to do and maybe I didn’t get there. I feel like my failing Him gave way to his giving up on me instead, His noble brow creased as he shook his head hopelessly: “Fine. Have it your way…”

I can’t reconcile the idea that I’m allowed to love a calling wholeheartedly. The idea of sacrifice weighs heavy in me now as I wonder over what I’m giving up by accepting my new calling. I can’t think of anything that’s difficult about teaching a lesson, discussing Conference talks with my witty, intelligent sisters—and that lenience feels ridiculously self-indulgent.

I feel embarrassed by this admission. It seems wrong somehow—to love a calling so wholeheartedly, and so now I’m curious: do you love your calling? Do you covet a different calling?

Or do you hate it?

And in a religion where patience is a strand of DNA inherited from our forbearers, is utter delight over what you’re asked just frivolous? In the face of all this work is there time to enjoy what we’re doing?

(I think the short answer is yes—but I rarely see this on a bustling Sunday.)

And if we don’t enjoy it, is that grounds enough to be done with it? Can we simply resign? Say no?  Because I’ve always wondered about how to get on that track.

(I’m kidding of course. Now that I have my dream calling…)

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(Blog Team) is attempting inner om with this writing stuff. Proud to claim four loud children, a patient husband and a fat black cat as family, she feels blessed to be their mommy-- their giver of kisses and baker of cookies. She is ever seeking a good novel and wishing for the sand between her toes, palm trees, the ocean.

51 thoughts on “Calling Out Our Callings”

  1. I really love my calling right now, too, and I sometimes feel guilty for loving it so much. I just have to keep reminding myself that soon enough, I'll be called to cub scouts again, or to something else that wasn't my favorite place to be, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can. Enjoy it. I think that joy can be contagious.

  2. Brooke, I think we're long-lost sisters! When I was asked if I'd teach RS, I said "YES!" and pumped my arm like I'd won the game. Then I was super-embarrassed. I'm not sure that's an appropriate response in a bishop's office, but it felt so GOOD to have a calling I knew I'd enjoy.

    Piano callings are all fine and good (I've had them all). Presidency callings make me question myself for their entirety. But teaching Relief Society? That's my joy. Once a month, deep doctrine (or not), visiting with women I like? What's not to love about that?

  3. Our bishop asked me at tithing settlement if I had a "dream calling" and I told him it was to teach in Relief Society. 🙂 Obviously I think I know what's best for me too!!

  4. Amen! I love that calling. A bit ago we got a new bishopric. One Sunday the counselor over Relief Society called me in and told me they were going to release me. I was shocked and sad. I just didn't see it coming. Usually I feel like I know when my time is up, ya' know? He said they didn't have a new calling for me yet, but they'd be in touch. It was all very weird and my heart was pounding so hard. A few minutes later he came back, took me aside again and apologized that he'd made a mistake. Phew, I was so relieved.

    The next week I got released again, for real this time. Talk about a roller coaster ride. Anyway, funny little story aside, it's all part of what makes the gospel great, right? Sometimes we get to enjoy our service and other times it stretches us and still others we endure. None of us are perfect yet . . .when we are, if we ever are will we enjoy them all?

  5. Whenever I get that calling (I've only had it twice), I always feel like the Lord is saying, "Okey dokey, time for a break!" I do feel guilty, though, that I love it so much, and guilty that it's not a calling you can take with something else. Piano callings, you can usually double up with something non-Sunday. I've been the RS pianist and the compassionate service leader at the same time, and I've been the RS chorister and the emergency prep person at the same time, too. But you can't really double up a teacher, so I feel like I'm getting a free pass. But I always know it will even out in the end, so I enjoy it while I can. Next stop will surely be something much, much harder, so I brace myself and have a good time.

  6. I'm of the same school of thought…I never say no to a calling because I believe the Lord is calling me to serve in that area for a reason. Though, like you and the other previous commenters – I LOVE teaching Relief Society. I had always done it in a single's ward and loved every minute of it and thought I did a pretty good job. Right after I got married and started going to a family ward I received the "dream calling" and I was super excited, but quickly found that I couldn't teach or use the same skills I had acquired with previous RS teacher callings. It was kind of a smack in the face that I had to step back and learn how to teach this individual group of ladies. I actually had to "work" to be better at a calling that I already thought I'd perfected. It just goes to show you that no matter how many times you have a particular calling, there's always something to learn-right?

    Now I'm the ward Primary Chorister and I have to say I didn't want to say "yes" to that calling, but I did because I felt I had to. The thought of teaching kids to sing scared me to death! Now I thoroughly love it and truly love the children who have taught me so much more than I have ever taught them. I love this church!

  7. I've been in my ward for five months now and neither my husband nor I have callings. We're pretty sure the ward forgot that we exist. I would love to teach RS, but at this point, I might even be willing to serve in the nursery! I never realized how much a calling makes you feel a part of the ward until going so long without one (in a new ward, at that!).

  8. Also love teaching RS. BEST CALLING EVER. But is it weird that we feel guilty about actually enjoying a calling? Like there should be an element of drudgery? Does sacrifice have to equal drudgery? I think there is sacrifice in a RS teaching calling–pulling together an excellent lesson takes time and thought and prayer. Enjoying it, though, makes the sacrifice seem worthwhile.

    I'm the Enrichment Counselor in the RS Presidency and one of the things I dread with a capital D is decorating for activities. Oh, the anxiety. But we just called a new woman to our committee who LOVES to decorate. During our pre-Christmas party meeting she kept saying, "Thank you so much! This is so fun! I'm so thrilled to have a calling where I get to decorate and not spend my own money!" She said she felt like pinching herself, she was so happy about this new calling. I'm sure this same woman, though, would be as anxious about teaching RS as I am about decorating.

    So I say enjoy it, no guilt allowed. You will be blessed and so will the women in your ward who'll get to learn from you once a month. And I'm a little jealous.:-)

  9. Brooke, I was also called into the bishop's office on my last birthday(2 days overdue with my 4th child in 5 years and just after my second child was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder)and was called to be the YW president. I did not see it coming nor would I have picked it(especially at this point in my life). The first few Sundays and activity nights I held back my tears from exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy until I reached the safety of my car. Every Saturday as I knock on the door of a certain young woman(hoping this will be the Saturday that she takes me up on the offer to get lunch and talk), I selfishly feel like I could really use someone knocking on my door on a Saturday asking me if I'd like to talk and go to lunch.
    I still don't really understand why I was called, but there are moments when I see the Lord's hand in my service, and I have to remind myself that He knows better than I. I also have to remind myself(constantly) that I am happiest when I am serving Him with "all my heart, might, mind, and strength". But…teaching relief society does sound dreamy.

  10. Angela, I'm with you. Any calling involving decorating scares me out of my wits. When I was the Enrichment counselor a while back, the idea of having Enrichment meetings that involved anything remotely crafty were a NIGHTMARE for me. I'm still serving in the Relief Society with Enrichment, so apparently, I haven't learned how to be crafty enough yet.

    I'm trying to view it as a one woman quest to rid Enrichment of glue guns. Thankfully that's a much smaller part of my calling now. And I'm trying not to feel one bit guilty about loving it.

  11. And in a religion where patience is a strand of DNA inherited from our forbearers, is utter delight over what you’re asked just frivolous? In the face of all this work is there time to enjoy what we’re doing?

    That question was interesting to me because we aren't Puritans. Joy is a part of our belief system (2 Ne 2:25). So being delighted and joyous should never be frivolous.

    An interesting post though. Made me think about some of my callings I've had in the past. I just changed wards this month and so it will be interesting to see what my next calling is too.

    I blogged further thoughts on my own blog – http://www.missgiggles.com/blog/?p=549

  12. oh, the decorations. don't get me started on my rants about matching napkins.

    and martha, you're a saint. i hope my girls have a yw's president half as wonderful… and i hope it's not me.

  13. All I have to say is I wish more people played the piano.

    I love to play the piano, but sometimes I believe it keeps me from many other experiences. Or, in some wards it just becomes my *bonus* calling. Yay, me.

    (I don't know if I would love to be a RS teacher, hmmm…maybe. But I'd sure like to listen to a lesson every once in a while!)

  14. I don't love my callings right now, but I don't hate them, either. One is low-key, on an on-call basis and includes a monthly meeting, so it's no big deal. The other, one of my banes, is to be on the Enrichment board and to be over food. HowEVer, I really like the Enrichment counselor and I somehow was gifted with a better perspective about this calling than last time I had it. Tender mercies, or I would be pulling my hair out. I, too, believe there is a purpose for me here.

    (I should add, the counselor originally asked me to be her "temporary" enrichment leader. I said yes and proceeded to pour out my hatred of that calling, adding, "but I'll be glad to do it for you temporarily." She had already turned my name into the bishop, so she called him back and said nevermind! I have a goal to keep my mouth shut next time something like this happens. I'm absolutely embarrassed about what I said. I would've said yes to the Bishop. I honestly regret the possible learning experiences I could have had had I been quiet.)

    I envy your calling, Brooke! Last time a RS teacher was called to something else, I actually went to the Pres. and told her I would love to fill in as a sub, or even be called as the new teacher (how would she know if I didn't open my mouth, right?). I have gotten to sub twice now (inspiration led her elsewhere for the calling), and I love it. Someday . . .

  15. I admit to being the openly delighted owner of a Relief Society calling. (Only cloud in my sky is that my lesson is this Sunday!)

    Of course, I'm only here on Segullah to get inspiration…


  16. I love teaching Relief Society – best calling ever. Last Sunday they released me from the activities committee and put me in as a primary teacher.

    I HATE teaching primary, hate it. Mostly I hate how it infringes on my ability to ditch the last two hours of church, but also, I think three hours is just WAY too long for kids to have to sit and listen. I don't even want to sit and listen for three hours. And I HATE being secluded away from the other adults.

    Yeah, I'm not quite there yet, calling acceptance-wise.

  17. I'm the Beehive Advisor in my ward and I love love LOVE it. 12 and 13 is just the best age for girls, they are so sweet. Last month they released the YW Presidency after I'd only served in YW for 6 months so we were ALL released, and then a few of us were called back three weeks later. I tell you, ROLLERCOASTER. Just when I'd convinced myself I was happy having my Wednesday nights back, they pull me back in! I've never had a calling I've thought and worried so much about… the best callings are the ones you think about Saturday night and then forget about Sunday afternoon, if you want my horrible, sinner's opinion! So I guess yes, Brooke, RS teacher is just about as good as it gets. (Also good is RS pianist!)

  18. I think it's great to want and love a calling. It makes up for the times when you don't want or don't love your calling. I've never taught RS but I love to teach YW. I'm on the Enrichment Committee now and I'll admit it, I stink. It's not that I don't like Enrichment. I have always gone. I was picked to help on the committee because I'm "creative". Yea, right. The bane of my existence is trying to come up with something others want to do. Just because I do a lot of creative things doesn't mean I can think up something that others will enjoy. Oh well. I am also the assistant camp director. And I hate camping. But I love the YW. I actually told the Bishopric they sucked when I got that calling. Yea, classy. Oh well. I guess what I'm thinking is that we win some, we lose some. But a big part of living the gospel is learning from both.

  19. Nothing wrong with loving your calling. I love mine and have from the moment I got it. Guilt's a waste of time.

    For me, it's not so much whether I enjoy a calling as it is if I'm actually capable of doing it. I need structure, I cannot provide it for myself. If I have a calling where it's up to me to call people and get them together, it's just not going to happen (like boy scouts). I need callings that are already on a rigid schedule.

    Actually, any callings that require me to call people are mostly like not going to happen. The phone is not something I use unless I absolutely have to.

  20. I've had a music calling in all 6 wards I've been in. (Including my current one.) So when I was called to be on the enrichment committee, I was SO excited!! Definately a "dream calling" for me. I love the women I'm with and planning activities that bring the sisters closer together. And I didn't think I was wrong to be happy. Sure callings are there to make us grow, but we don't have to be unhappy to grow.

    That said……husband and I are also cubmasters. Definately not a dream calling. It's something we struggle with every month. But I'm from the same "say yes" school of thought, which also makes me believe we don't ask for resignations. If we were to suffer some major family catastrophe, maybe. Or if we'd been there for 3 years. But it's only been about one. And we still suck at it. Which means we'll probably be there for a while longer.

  21. how much did i love being a RS teacher? a LOT. it was the best calling ever. i've been without a calling for the past 8 or 9 months and i'm not that sad about it yet. our ward is so weird i'm afraid of the calling they would give me. my last one was in the nursery and i made no secret that it about did me in.

    sheesh, my pioneer ancestrals are probably turning over in their graves.

    did i ever tell you about the time i got fired from visiting teaching??

  22. I love teaching RS and have never felt guilty for being over-the-moon thrilled each time I get that calling. (This past time, it was after a 3-year stint in Cub Scouts, so I was even more elated than I would have normally been.)

    About RS teacher being a calling where you can't double up, well…. I'm currently the stake primary music leader AND am teaching RS, so I guess you can.

  23. Oh, and I wanted to add that even as thrilled as I was/am to be a RS teacher, there are still months where fitting in the planning of the lessons feels like a bit of a drudgery, one more thing on my to-do-list. So it hasn't been completely fun and sunshine all the time.

  24. I was just released as primary president this week and while I am so relieved, I have a strange and surprising amount of guilt over this release. Had I been at the top of my game as president, I think the release would have felt better for some reason, but I have really been struggling in this calling for the past few months and so getting released is a little like being told I wasn't doing a good job. I have mostly enjoyed my time in our ward's primary (4 1/2 years total – a few as a counselor and then as pres) and yet I am really glad to leave the burden of this calling behind. Being a counselor is great, but I never felt comfortable in my role as president and saw myself being less and less patient with the adults I had in my charge. The kid aspect of that calling is great to me, but the adult aspect was difficult in many ways.

    Anyway, I could ramble about my conflicting feelings about this all day! But I am without a calling now and am so excited to actually attend relief society for once!

  25. I took piano lessons, and I can play–but not in the easy, error-free way that the piano lifers can. I would have to work at it all week, and they wouldn't be able to change the songs at the last minute. That sounds like my dream calling, but in a ward of music MFAs, it ain't gonna happen any time soon…

  26. all you sisters who think teaching RS is a wonderful calling – WANNA SWAP???? that is my new calling, and I start tomorrow – and I am SO nervous about it!!! Put me back in Nursery please!!!

  27. I always laugh at myself when I read threads like this… I'm a primary teacher (just switched from 8 year olds to 11 year olds for the new year), and have been most of my adult life, which is much preferable to attending sunday school and relief society (though I do agree that teaching those is fun). Primary Chorister and Cub Scout leader are my other favorites. I once had the shortest tenure ever in a presidency — two weeks as an RS counselor. I don't think the Lord thinks of me as leadership material, but I do love teaching.

  28. When I was called into cubscouts (for the second time.) I was a little bummed. I had no one in cub scouts right then and they were re-organizing the YW at the same time and I had three daughters in YW. I would have loved to work with them.
    Well, I was talking with my very wise sister who was also serving in cubscouts and she told me how great it was, cub scouts is on a weekday, so she was always able to attend RS and SS. So I thought about that and have tried to have her postive attitude about cubs.

    I get to play games and have fun activities. I get to enjoy being with boys in a boy friendly environment. I get to spend time with my now 8 year old son. I can participate in RS and SS everyweek (Ok, as long as my youngest(3) cooperates and goes to Primary)

    Teaching Relief Society is a pretty great calling though. Teaching discussing with your sisters at church and only once a month!

  29. giggles: i don't think i'm suggesting that we don't seek joy. what i am saying is that when there's work to be done, do my feelings matter? is there even time to think about how i feel about it, or should i just "forget myself and get to work?" i don't typically do all of my service with a totally selfless heart. but sometimes i feel if it gets done, it still gets done. you're a better person than me that you have found joy in all your callings, and i appreciate that example. i do strive for that. heck, i strive to find joy everyday, in all my life.

    sadie: i couldn't do anything in japanese. i'll be thinking of you.

    and karen: you're right, there are good things about every calling and a positive attitude is also something i sometimes lack.

  30. I have a love/hate relationship with my current calling.

    Love the people. Hate the admin.

    I'm so glad (translation: slightly jealous)you love your current calling.

  31. Wow, it looks like the kind of people who are chatty at Segullah are the same kind who love teaching RS. That's one of my favorite callings, too, along with most teaching callings. But I'm sure there are PLENTY of sisters in the Church who'd dread being called as an RS teacher.

    I've usually taken the scripture quite literally that says that if you desire to serve, you're called to the work, and I have often gotten just the calling I wanted. But in recent years I've had to grow into some of my callings before I really desired and enjoyed them. And, while I also never say no to a calling, I *have* had to ask to be released from callings twice, (once about 8 years ago, another time more recently,) not because of disliking the calling, but because my circumstances had become such that I was having to choose between meeting my family's and my basic needs or fulfilling my calling. Another time I didn't ask to be released, but when the ward was reorganized so I was released it was TRULY a tender mercy; I'd about hit a wall with that calling, even though I hadn't thought about asking to be let go. In any of these cases I've never been left calling-less for more than a few weeks, and the next calling has always been more suited to my capabilities.

    Although I've had some callings that terrified me (my most recent calling as RS Enrichment counselor triggered a weeks-long identity crisis that I've only just come out of,) I LOVE the way church callings push us to learn about things or acquire skills we never would have aspired to.

  32. Callings are so personal. I do have a favorite calling. I don't know that I'm the best at it, I've seen others that I think are much more creative, but I truly love the calling and feel energized doing it. Primary Chorister. When I was in Cubs the amount of energy it took was astounding, but it's great to see those boys now, and what I learned there served me in other areas. I was a RS instructor for all of 3 months. Loved it while I had it.

    I was also just released as Primary President. I think it's easy to look back and see the things you left undone. Things you didn't seem to be able to get accomplished. But I loved the children and they knew that. My release wasn't a surprise. I knew it was time. But it takes an adjustment.

    My next calling (I'm getting it today) hmm… there are definitely areas that cause me some trepidation 🙂 And that might surprise some.

    I have learned though, (and not to stir the pot) there are times that a calling is extended and in the process of discussions between the Bishop there are reasons that the calling shouldn't happen. And that was the reason they needed to be there. Not that they aren't worthy, but the Bishop needed to know things and the Lord found a way to get them in his office through the calling process.

    I also believe the way to find joy in any calling (even one you wish you didn't have) is to love the people you serve and with whom you serve. You may never "Like" the calling, but you will be happier in general. It can also take a LOT of work sometimes.

  33. I am currently sweet and sour with my calling- I am teaching early am seminary- (which I love when I am doing). I am a teacher at heart, but i will admit to painful whining when my alarm goes off at 5 something.

    I try to love every calling when I am in it- to each in a season- even when I leave a calling I love I am happy to have served but also happy to change of my work load and it's demands on my family.

    My last RS calling was in college- so well it's been over 10 yrs…

  34. I love my present calling as the Education counsellor in Relief Society, it really is a dream calling for me. We should be allowed to really enjoy what we do. Let's face it, so often we are asked to do callings that take immense amounts of ourselves and faith that to be given an amazing calling is the best gift ever. I tell my husband every day, (who is on the Bishopric by the way) please don't release me from this calling. I love it!!!!!!!! Like most sisters I have had my share of wondering why I was doing something in particular, and also feeling a little 'typecast'. It is not just piano players that often have the same calling, I trained as a teacher and was in various callings in the primary from age 23 to 40. (I had a little break in the middle for 2 years to teach institute.) Let's enjoy our dream callings while we can, because tomorrow who knows what we will be doing. by the way I love teaching Relief Society too!

  35. Can I say that I love part of my calling and hate the other part?

    I'm in the primary presidency and I adore the children. It's so wonderful to teach the kids in sharing time.

    But I hate dealing with staffing problems. We have 40 kids and at one point this year had only one teacher coming. Nothing sets you into a panic when knowing that you have 40 kids and only one teacher. I don't understand how people can be called to teach in the primary and just sluff off without at least contacting a member of the presidency to arrange for a sub.

    I have never ever had a calling as a teacher. But I would love to do it.

  36. I have a new calling, and I am enjoying it but it is scary for me and I'm not sure I am doing everything I should be doing. My favorite calling has been secretary in the YW presidency. My dream calling would be ward bulletin/newsletter. I think I would do well at that. Of course, teaching and giving talks is something that I learn a lot from so I like to have to occasional opportunity.

  37. I don't mind my calling, but I'm pretty sure I got it based on convience and not inspiration, but that's okay with me because sometimes the Lord just needs a willing person to BE THERE. I can be there… in nursery, with my son, as a new member of the community and ward who knows no one and lo and behold six months later, still knows no one. I really am fine being in there, despite the bitterness I've typed. I just wish they were more aware of the situation and cared about me as a person. Whatever.

    And the funniest part of my struggle with my calling is that I've always been one to shout about people being rude enough to say no to primary callings. I've always been the one telling people that primary is the most important auxillary in the church because if we fail there, what good is the rest of it? I don't get people who don't spend the 20 minutes during the week to prepare a GOOD primary lesson. What is the big freakin deal??? My kids have had some EXCEPTIONAL teachers in primary. I'm grateful for their examples because they have helped motivate me to love the nursery kids and to do special things for them. Anyone who dares to say they hate teaching in primary needs to remember an exceptional teacher their child had and try harder to catch the vision of Primary!

  38. Nursery Leader you sound pretty wonderful to me. Anyone who gives of their time for primary gets my vote. I too have had times when I felt I was in a calling because someone had to do it, and I could and would. I would never say no to a calling and sometimes accepting a calling is a struggle. I have never understood how people think they can pick and choose what they will do. It is o.k. to have favourite callings and to love doing certain things more than others, but in the end we are always called for a reason (whatever that is). I actually love primary, preferably being in nursery or sunbeams, but after 15 years was so relieved to try something new. I too believe that primary should have the best teachers available and am sooooooooo grateful to those who do an excellent job with my own children. Whilst home is the best place learn for them to learn about the gospel, let's face it church is a great teaching and learning environment too and we all need help sometimes with our children.

  39. A big shout out to the nursery leader! I'm one too. I actually asked to be the leader, not because I wanted to be because I didn't, but because the Primary president was having a hard time getting one. The one before me moved in, was called, came two weeks out of four, and moved out. Before that one, we went for two months without an official leader, and I did it because I was the assistant that was there the longest and there was no one else. I finally said, "put me in, I'm there anyway", and BAM the calling came. I think sometimes the Lord wants some of us to grit our teeth and volunteer. I am slogging it out until I'm released or I move.

    Do NOT feel guilty if you like your calling! Cry Hallelujah!

  40. My favorite calling was activities director. Only had to do it 4 times a year.

    I did the ward bulletin for awhile, and learned that its not as easy as it looks! I would cringe every time I found a typo during Sacrament meeting. And the hassle of getting announcements from people–ugh.

    Currently I'm in nursery and starting to warm up to it–somewhat.

  41. I did the ward bulletin for awhile, and learned that its not as easy as it looks! I would cringe every time I found a typo during Sacrament meeting. And the hassle of getting announcements from people–ugh.

    Yup. That's my calling right now. Really good for me to learn to let go about what people think, as silly as that sounds. I have considered offering a prize for whoever finds the mistake(s) of the week.

    The favorite one so far, imo: Showing BYC on the calendar as BYU. The YW president sent me the nicest email letting me know, or I may have never noticed.

  42. Oh, so many people have so much to say. I know I'm a little late at this, but everytime I'm called back into Young Women's, I'm happy. This is my 5th stint. I really love those girls and I'm called back in every couple of years, so I get to serve with them usually twice in their teen years before they go off to college. I LOVE them.

    But I've always wanted to teach RS, if it makes you feel any better. I had that calling once in college (do college callings even count!??) and since then have NEVER been a teacher. AT ALL. Always the presidency or Enrichment. I would like to be a teacher and RS is only once a month, so SCORE!

  43. but seriously rochelle, you are so presidency– with all your perfect, beautiful, organized planning.

    (i'm saying this as a huge compliment. i hope you take it as one.)

    and i always say i would love to be a nursery leader. and i would. i've been in there a few times and those little ones are just too sweet.

    and m&m: byu for byc? that made me laugh.

  44. Bishopric: Why don't you just ask them what they're thinking after you've extended a calling? Or you could be so bold as to do what someone else mentioned earlier, in a non-calling-extending interview, ask them what their dream calling would be.

    I just love, love, love it when I get one of my dream callings. Be happy and celebrate!

  45. There is no other place that I would rather be than home with my children. Unfortunately, I cannot. I am blessed to have a fantastic job as a kindergarten teacher. At the end of the day, I am beat. I was also taught you accept every calling. With that being said, the bishopric stopped by my house a few years ago to give me a calling. They said "Sister Wolff, we'd like you to be a nursery leader". I began laughing as if the most terrible joke had been played on me. They were not laughing. My reply, "Oh, you're serious." My day of rest was not so restful. A few months later, I was promoted to the 11 year olds(insert sigh of relief).

  46. i have only read a few of the latest comments, but here's my two cents……
    while" I " was in the Stake Primary, please pay attention to those quotation marks…. i learned that it is vital to have your most experienced, most loving, best of the best teacher as the Nursery Leader.
    This is where the babies get their foundation for their testimonies.

    and this recommendation, or direction, i mean, revelation came from the top.
    (Salt Lake City Headquarters…) which actually means it came from the Prophet.

    Hooray for all the Nursery leaders. Would that i might be worthy of that calling.

  47. That must be the reason why RS has so many teachers- its everyone's favorite calling!

    I really enjoyed being the ward librarian when I was first married. Too bad the majority of bishoprics think thats a little old lady's job.

  48. I have two callings: Nursery worker (which I LOVE, which I requested and the bishop told me that my asking was an answer to prayers), and the . . . uh . . . enrichment maker-upper lady.

    I don't like that one and try to ignore it.


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