Order and Art in New York City

By Sherilyn Stevenson

Let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40 New York City calls. I’ll soon move from little Ogden, Utah to join my husband who lives and works one hour north of The Big Apple. One daughter already lives and attends university in Manhattan. My visits over the past 18 months are …

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It was a Dark and Stormy Night…

By Shari Crall

As the night darkened, the wind blew. Leaves swirled, flooding the street. A giant sycamore leaf hurtled toward the windshield causing me to duck. We got home and battened down the hatches as best we could. I checked our emergency supplies. This was the kind of wind that knocked things out. This was the kind …

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Want to build a stronger literary culture? Learn the art of appreciation.

By Emily Debenham

As a lifelong fan of Mormon Literature, who spent a decade writing book reviews, I’ve had deep thoughts about the role of critics in our culture, specifically in Mormon literary culture. Back when I was a ‘wise’ college senior, I thought writing reviews would help improve how people viewed the work of LDS artists. During …

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My Circle of Dancing Elephants

By Sherrie Gavin

Little Golden Books. I bet that right now, you can picture at least one Little Golden Book that you read or had read to you as a child. The square shape, the gold and black binding, the watercolour art that with a child’s imagination seemed to leap off of the page. I can still see …

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An Apology for Speculation

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

featured image by Alyce Bailey, “Gumnuts and Buttons” I once had a BYU religion professor who said, “If we don’t know the answer, we can make it up!” Naturally as a fresh-faced nineteen-year-old who had gleaned a natural tendency from my upbringing to nip speculation in the bud—I was shocked! This is the slippery slope …

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Stone and Sand

By Melonie Cannon

(first published 8/15/2018) My husband thinks I am mad when he tries to pick up my luggage.  He moans and wonders what I’m bringing back from our vacation. “Have you got rocks in your suitcase?” he teasingly asks. “Yep,” I counter. “Rocks?” His eyebrows rise. “You literally are bringing rocks back from California? We have …

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Prose Contest Winner

Featured image: Linda Hoffman Kimball’s, “Zion’s Bright Trio”   First Place Prose   Life After Death  by Christy Crowe Hughes   It should have been a dream come true, and in a way it was. Three years ago I found myself at what my sons agree is the best place on earth: Disneyland. Friends had …

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By Cecilia Wilbur

I quit ballet when I was thirteen after ten years of trying to be the best dancer my teachers had ever seen. When I was three my parents signed me up for dance classes in Miss Jodi’s basement studio. There, I wiggled my tiny rear end to Disney songs. When I was seven I was …

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Considering the Sunflower

By Rachel Rueckert

The sight of it is common enough. A fist-full of orange-yellow feathers with a dark center like an eye without a pupil, the texture of a black bee. The soft petals open like an awkward yawn on a Saturday morning, sucked into the core by spades of green sandpaper, propped up by a fuzzy stem. …

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Ministering, Healing, and the Lost Sheep by Fara Sneddon

“To really minister, to really help heal another, we need to not simply acknowledge the pain of another but enter in to it. Be surrounded by it and really feel it. When we witness the pain and suffering of those around us, when we stay and participate no matter how overwhelming it is, we stand …

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