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  • A Rusty Ride

    September 1, 2006

    I LOVE POLITICS. I love the thrill of negotiating, the high-flying movements of strategizing and creating a buzz in a community. I was heavily involved…

  • The Golden Rest

    September 1, 2006

    While on our journey here below,
    Beneath temptation’s pow’r,
    Through mists of darkness we must go,
    In peril ev’ry hour.

    MY MIND SPUN IN DARKNESS as I tried to…

  • Brotherly Love

    September 1, 2006

    He comes

    with his vast universe of need

    in a rusted van

    leaking oil, spewing exhaust

    his hair and beard sprouted,

    grown, and gone to seed

    I ache with caring


  • Charity Overturned

    September 1, 2006

    THE PHONE RANG —too early—something was wrong. It was our branch president. He must be mistaken, I thought, as I pulled on my jacket. I…