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Celebrating Green

By Melissa Young

Kelly, hunter, sage, mint, olive, forest, seafoam, army.

Grass, leaves, pines.

Apples, avocados,

broccoli, celery,

lettuce, limes.

The color of jealousy.

The color of inexperience.

Of money,

of nausea.

Life and growth,

death and decay.

It’s all about the earth.

It’s all about aliens.




What do you love about St. Patrick’s Day? or the color green?

About Melissa Young

(Emerita) is a native of Utah and lives in Cache Valley, Utah, with her husband and three of her four children in their emptying nest. She has an MA in TESOL from Brigham Young University and currently volunteers with the English Learning Center.

17 thoughts on “Celebrating Green”

  1. Wow – I love the comparisons!

    First of all – St. Patrick's Day was the first time my husband came over "officially", I had a private st patty's day party for him. I was at the grocery at 6am finding something fun as snacks – got lucky charms cereal and a cd on "celtic dance music". Green food everywhere that i could.

    Green is a color I have grown into especially in the last 5 years or so. I need green growing things around me. I grow things all year to see green. Love pine trees esp for that reason. My grandmother lived her garden, and I think that has a lot to do with it, too. Forest green is one of my favs – just the name is comforting.

  2. Green:

    That moment in early spring when it seems you can actually watch the grass green up by the minute.

    Tree buds.

    The promise of early crocus.

    St. Patrick's Day:

    I wish I could express it (in moments I'm heading out to the car to grab the family-size box of Lucky Charms that were too expensive but which I purchased anyway and heating up the pan for green eggs), but I think this recent post over at The Apron Stage said it best.

  3. Green has always been my favorite color and I think it stems for my desire to be close to nature (like Traci!). Ironic that every plant I try to nurture dies. Thank goodness for bulbs!

    Btw, there's a fabulous post over at Nine Moons right now talking about who St. Patrick was and what he did for the Irish. It makes me love Green even more…

  4. I also love green, as does my mother. It doesn't hurt that my name is both an herb and a shade of green! Or that I married an Irishman (well, his ancestry is Irish anyway).

    In years past I have made green shamrock-shaped pancakes. Today is our super busy day (preceded by a horrible night with my toddler-up from 1:30-4:00am) so I think I'm short on St. Patti's cheer.

    Thanks for the lovely list of how green thing enrich my life! Happy Day!

  5. I colored our milk green this morning, and I will probably make green bread and green pancakes and maybe green cookies if I get my act together. I liked the Apron Stage post, but it gave me some mother-guilt; I don't go all out like that. But usually something gets colored green, so that's better than nothing.

    I love the juxtapositions you've got here. Earth and aliens, inexperience and nausea. Very nice.

  6. I love hearing how all of you celebrate! And thanks for the links–I enjoyed learning about St. Patrick.

    Emily, I know what you mean about guilt. Usually after hearing about all of the fun things people do on any given holiday I think, Huh, I should have tried a little harder. You're awesome for making green pancakes.

  7. It's spring break here, which to me means a break from being a good mother. So I threw some green food coloring in the milk and called it good.

    And then I said, "Look at the mess the leprechauns made in the kitchen. You guys had better clean it up." My daughter pointed out that the mess was already there when she went to bed. Those leprechauns must be on Irish time!

  8. Huh, I didn't do anything (I'm with you Justine). The kids remembered it was green day on the way to school. While at the store I saw they had corned beef and swiss cheese on sale, so I bought some. Then made a reuben sandwich when I got home, just for me.

    Maybe just to see the looks on the kids faces I'll put green food coloring in the milk. My husband will probably think that is disgusting 😉

    I am excited for spring and planting seeds. Can't believe my eyes that the crocus are up. What a wonderful time of year – looking forward to Easter and General Conference.

  9. Last year my mom bought my daughter a shamrock shirt and matching socks, so she's been looking forward to wearing them again for a few weeks now. We aren't big on pretending things, so no leprauchans here, but I'm planning on making a green dinner–noodles with spinach sauce, kiwi, green salad. Now that my kids are old enough to appreciate it I enjoy doing little things like that to make the holiday special, but I don't feel a lot of pressure to go all out. My mom rarely did that for us and I still felt loved 🙂

    I've always loved the color green–it's so full of life. And my eyes are hazel/green so it looks good on me 🙂

  10. Green is my favorite color. I love all the varieties of green nature comes in.

    I'm not doing anything special for St. Patrick's day. I am wearing my shamrock socks, but I'm also wearing an orange shirt. I have to support all of Ireland, not just the Catholic half.

  11. Thanks for sending me to "The Apron Stage," Dalene. That's some GREAT writing over there.

    It's enough to make a fellow blogger green with envy (especially on St. Paddys' Day)! But I found myself more pink with pleasure than anything.


  12. Green eggs and ham, green milk, and green sugar cookies for breakfast this morning. (I like the idea of Lucky Charms though, Dalene. Much simpler!)

    We have a Patrick (yes, we're Irish), so St. Patrick's day has always been a big deal for us. When the kids were little, though, they couldn't understand why Patrick got his own special day (in addition to his birthday), so we had to have a St. Kedric's Day, a St. Erica's Day, a St. Dylan's Day, and a St. Devin's day as well. Whew! It was exhausting. 🙂

    Loved this post, Melissa!

  13. ooh, I love this Melissa. Thanks for bringing a bit of poetry to my day.

    I love the "can't stop Spring now!" feeling of St. Patrick's Day. Yes, we'll still get some snow but Spring is on it's way!

    I only do the easy stuff– Lucky Charms(so overpriced–I agree Dalene!), green milk and an Irish dinner.

  14. I like green in nature, just never caught on to St. Patrick's day. Easter is too close to Valentines. I cut out a construction paper shamrock and pinned them on the kids that wanted them and that was that. The oldest wrote on her arm in green marker. No guilt, no fuss, and no I've never heard of green milk for the occasion. My husband might freak – maybe I should;).

  15. Green is, and has been one of my favorite colors, because it does represent so many wonderful things…


    The first thing that popped into my mind after reading this was the discovery of a science experiment in my fridge.

    Moldy old green beans. (complete with green mold)




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