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Coming to You This October — A New Segullah Book

By Sherilyn Stevenson

The Announcement — It’s a Book!

Segullah is ready to share our latest collection with the world, and we couldn’t be more proud. This gorgeous book published by Peculiar Pages will soon be available in both paperback and eBook formats at Amazon.com and bookstores throughout Utah. From our Co-Editors-In-Chief:

We are thrilled to announce that Segullah, an LDS Women’s literary journal and blog now in its twelfth year of publication, will be releasing our third anthology, Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition on October 24, 2017. The collection features prose and poetry from Segullah’s staff and contributors. Here’s an excerpt from the foreword:

For over a decade, Segullah has been sharing women’s stories in our journal, blog, and publications. Our first two anthologies, The Mother in Me and Dance with Them, focused on narratives of motherhood. While those stories are profound, we wish to recognize a broader scope of experience in our third offering. There are so many ways we learn, share and are reshaped through a spectrum of transitions. We crave the catharsis of writing through the change. We write trying to understand the cycles of life and embrace our reshaped selves.

Joining the Church or re-examining our faith; falling in love or sharing a marriage bed for many years; sending children out on their own or taking estranged parents back into our lives; illness, divorce, and new careers—all of these changes (and more) force us to examine, regroup and adapt.

Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition”

Sandra Clark Jergensen and Linda Hoffman Kimball


Early Praise

And, you don’t have to take their word for it! In addition, early praise comes from the author of Contemporary Mormonism, Claudia Bushman:

In this extended collection, real women cope with the milestone events of women’s lives—birth, marriage, death–and the rich experiences of their faith, their relationships, whether they fit in, and whether they are blessed.  The writers confront events with terrifying frankness and honesty.  They find happy solutions, or they don’t.  Even as they suffer through their problems, in joy or sorrow, solving them or not, they produce a written record.  Kudos to Segullah for encouraging and publishing these accomplished writings.


Our Invitation

Most noteworthy, we at Segullah value our readers and the ways we share our experiences and our faith. Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition is an offering from us to you, and we sincerely hope you will join us in honoring the transitions that occur in each of our lives by ordering your copy of the book as soon as it’s available.


About Sherilyn Stevenson

Prose Editor at Segullah, Sherilyn Stevenson's essays and poetry appear in Dialogue, The Friend, LDS Living, Mothers Always Write, and other publications. She earned a Masters of English with a creative writing emphasis and works for state government in Utah.

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