We are pleased to announce the winners of the annual Segullah Writing Contest. Pieces are reviewed and selected from the fall contest submissions. The editorial staff then works with the winning authors to give the pieces a bit of spit and polish to shine them up a bit more to present to you in our contest edition of the Segullah Journal every spring. This is a highlight of Segullah for us, we hope you’ll read the pieces and feel the same about the fantastic writing featured this month. Thank you to all the entrants and congratulations to all of the winners.

2015 Segullah Awards for Excellence

Creative Nonfiction
Winner: “Imperfect Instruments: A Three-Part Harmony” by E.B. Wheeler
Honorable Mention: “Rewritten” by Valerie Owens

Winner: “Yongrui and the Tree of Life” by Katherine Cowley

Winner: “Ephemeral Wings” by Markay Brown
Honorable Mention: “Mathematics of a Curve” by Valerie Owens