I’ve been interviewing women for Segullah and the Mormon Women Project for the last few years, and one of the things I’ve learned from the experience is that every woman has a story to tell. You might think your life is boring, and that no one wants to hear about your struggles with your kids, your financial crises, or your flashes of inspiration. I’ve interviewed women who have thought they didn’t have anything interesting to say, that their lives were too boring, and who have been astounded by how many people were comforted and inspired by the stories they’ve told about their “ordinary” lives. You can find our first Snapshot Portrait, a conversation with Mary Decker, right here.

Conducting the interviews is a time-consuming process, and it’s hard to collect all of the stories that we know are out there. That’s where you come in. The Mormon Women Project has inaugurated something called a “Snapshot Portrait” where readers can submit up to 500 words in response to any of the following questions: “The moment I realized there is power in what I do was when….,” “The first time I realized Heavenly Father loves me was when….,” or “The hardest choice I’ve made in my life was when….” You can even submit a video of yourself. Consider it a chance to find your fifteen minutes of fame, and also to touch the lives of other people.

July 12, 2011

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  1. jen

    July 11, 2011

    i’m not mormon but i did want to tell you that one of the things i’ve learned as a pastor’s wife is that everyone has a story and knowing that story is vital to understanding them.

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