Featured artist: Sarah Richards Samuelson

This month’s edition of the Segullah Journal has just been posted. My first read was Lara Niedermeyer’s  poem “Parallax.”  My quick read though ended at the opening line. The words “I cannot see the end clearly” resonated with my general feeling lately.  I drank in the rest of the poem, since light reading was no longer possible.  Reading the struggle in those lines resounded with my own conflict, and even though the poem does not end with solution, and I lack one for my own conundrum, I felt better. Satisfied; I was glad for companionship in my own parallax, and to peer into Lara’s for just a moment. 

Hop over to the journal site to read this month’s features: “We All Hate to Be Alone,” by Johnna Ferguson“Fog,” by Lorraine Jeffery, and “Parallax,” by Lara Niedermeyer, each featuring a piece of art by Sarah Richards Samuelson.

 What poems, stories or articles have resonated with you lately?