The Christmas lights are glowing through the dark of the night gathering outside my house; the contrast always gets me. But my few strands have nothing at all on this heavenly display.

Maybe your kids will be the first to see the daybreak with their space boots dusted in Mars red?

Want to put others in their best light? Introduce them in it. Care for 10 things to understand the Mormons?

Here’s one worth knowing more about: a man who descends into the darkness to rescue children from the horrors of sex slavery.

Put more light in your life by asking for it. Join the movement to give it away each day through the holidays.

This week’s First Draft Poetry comes from Melissa Y., and written in response to the dark despairing coming from the heart of America right now. Can we really understand or know what can we do?

there was given to me a thorn in the flesh…
(2 Cor. 12:7)

the thing about those seeds
that fell in good ground
is that they cannot know
what it is like
to try to grow
among thorns

What other treasures, peculiarities or items worth thinking have you found recently?