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December Journal Ripe for the Picking

By Christie Rasmussen

photo-1417434743061-9873e0beaed6It’s December, which means that all is cold and dark in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. I drive in the afternoon and stubbornly keep my window shade up, refusing to believe that the sun is low enough to be in my eyes at 3:00 PM. As a girl raised in the San Antonio sunshine, winter can be miserably long in Utah. Wearing boots grows tedious after five months and scraping ice off your windshield in the morning is quaint perhaps only the first time you ever have to do it. However, I love the hush that comes with early darkness, the twinkling Christmas lights that make the valley skyline seem twice as bright from a hilly vantage point.

While Christmas is over and December is on its way out, winter intends to linger a bit longer. To help get you through the long, dark nights, give the December Journal a look. With poetry from the immensely talented Melissa Dalton-Bradford and Darlene Young, as well as an essay by the incomparable Jennifer Quist and a thoughtful introduction by our own Shelah Mastny Miner. Their words will cause you to reflect on your own experiences with the season’s chilly landscape.

Have you read the December Journal yet? Which of the three pieces connects the most with you?

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2 thoughts on “December Journal Ripe for the Picking”

  1. I relate to this well. I just came off a pregnancy that almost ended my sanity and my spiritual reserve as I endured chronic pelvic pain and almost constant contractions. Eight hospitalizations and one emergency c section followed up with a nine day stay in the NICU. Within hours after delivery I felt the same pain return and it is still here. Chronic pain is so difficult because people just don't understand even your own family.. And even though I know He does I don't feel stronger or closer to Him for it. I feel I understand Him better and appreciate the Atonement more because I have a new depth of experience . I felt alone almost all of the time during the last six months. When the baby I was so relieved

  2. Oops so relieved because I thought my trial was over. It is easy to be discouraged and hard to sometimes press forward in faith. I try to remember that faith has to grow too.


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