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Editorial: A Verdant Season

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Dear Friends,

Until June 10th at my home at 8300 ft. in rural Utah, we still had snow on the ground. Now things are greener and more vibrant. Knowing that some of our favorite Segullah staff members live in the Land Down Under, I am aware that they are entering the winter season while we Northern Hemisphere folks enjoy a warm up.  Whether you find yourself heading into cooler or warmer conditions (literally or metaphorically), we welcome you to our vibrant and verdant online pages.

The staff of Segullah wishes Elizabeth Cranford Garcia all the best as she transitions from being the gifted and powerhouse Poetry Editor for Segullah for the past three years and shifts to being the new and still gifted and powerhouse Poetry Editor for Dialogue. This is a post that Segullah’s own Darlene Young recently stepped down from. Thank you so much for guiding the art of poetry for Latter-day Saints and others, Liz, with your grace and abundant skill!

The staff of Segullah is also thrilled to welcome our new Poetry Editor, Melody Newey Johnson! You can read Melody’s introduction here. Melody was a winner in our 2019 Segullah Poetry Contest and her insights, clarity, grit and humor will surely influence the poetic lives of many more through her work with us. We are so proud and lucky to have her!

Speaking of the 2019 Segullah Contest, it is the gift that keeps on giving! This Summer Journal includes an interview with the remarkable and talented Kwani Povi Winder, who was 1st place winner in the 2019 Segullah Contest Visual Arts Contest. Her heritage as a Santa Clara Pueblo Native American informs and infuses much of her work as you will see throughout this season as we highlight her artwork throughout Segullah.

Prose writer, Ranae Rudd, shares the challenges and consequences of inheriting genes that can make life itself a difficult task. That she does this with wisdom and good humor is a testament to her talents and provides encouragement to us all who may struggle with depression.

We include FOUR remarkable poems by talented writers Sarah Dunster, Anne Thomas, Mairi McLeod, and Tara T. Boyce. The freshness of their vision and the grace of their words enrich us all.

We also include as a special bonus, a talk given by Jean Keenan at the Joliet Illinois Stake earlier this year. Knowing that many of us (all of us, if we’re honest) just don’t know how we’ll cope with the challenges that we or our loved ones face, Jean offers smart, funny and scathingly honest words of wisdom borne from some of life’s worst struggles. Her candor is a testament to being “real” and to the enduring and fundamental power of choice.

Enjoy and spread the good word!

Linda Hoffman Kimball, Co-Editor-in-Chief


About Linda Hoffman Kimball

Linda Hoffman Kimball is an artist, writer, photographer, and poet who grew up as a faithful Christian near Chicago, & joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1971 while at Wellesley College near Boston. Early on she assumed that all Latter-day Saints were articulate, inquisitive, faithful, and socially engaged since her role models in the University wards in Cambridge, MA., were. Her husband says she is “fluent, but not native” in Mormon-ese. She is a founding member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government.

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