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Fasting for Andrea

By Shelah Miner

family-rediskeFor the last few years, the Segullah staff has watched and mourned and comforted one of our own, Andrea. Andrea’s oldest son, Ethan, suffered a significant brain injury at birth, and he has lived his entire eleven years with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and severe developmental delays. Over the last few years, she and her husband Chris have had to drop everything at a moment’s notice to take Ethan for prolonged hospital stays. Sometimes they weren’t sure Ethan would survive.

For the last few weeks, Ethan has been in hospice care. He is nearing the end of his earthly existence, and life is going to change dramatically for Andrea, Chris, and their two younger sons, who have never known life without their big brother.

Our friends over at Feminist Mormon Housewives have organized a fast for Andrea’s family tomorrow, and we’d love to get the word out so everyone who has been touched by Andrea’s beautiful writing, her ferocious love for her family, and for the grace and iron will she has shown as she has fought for Ethan’s rights, for his comfort, and now for his good passing, can take part in this day of fasting and prayer.

If you’d like to read more about Ethan’s life, here’s a wonderful piece by Melissa Dalton-Bradford.

Here are a few pieces Andrea has written for our blog about raising Ethan:

Sacred Spaces
Give Thanks? For This?
On Turning Eight
It’s a Miracle

Please keep the Rediske family in your prayers, in your thoughts, and in your hearts. Our hearts are breaking as Andrea, who is the very heart of Segullah, has to endure these difficult days.


About Shelah Miner

(Co-Editor-in-Chief) teaches English at BYU and French at a Salt Lake City middle school. She has an addiction to her Audible account, hates making dinner, and embraces the chaos of life with a husband, six kids, a dog, a lizard and four rabbits.

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  1. I still remember a beautiful post Andrea wrote about looking for a housekeeper. In the end, she hired the tattooed, rougher looking woman over the LDS woman because of the way the first sweetly interacted with her son. I don't know what these past 11 years have looked like for her family, nor what the next 11 years will bring, but I am grateful for her wise and compassionate voice.


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