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Featured Artist Aimee Bonham – Artist’s Statement

Aimee Bonham, fine artist           www.aimeebonham.com


Aimee Bonham


Artist at work – Aimee Bonham

After completing her Bachelors of Fine Art in painting and drawing from Brigham Young University in 2002 Aimee Bonham moved with her husband and child to Chicago IL.  While in Chicago for 6 years she participated in several solo and group shows. Aimee then moved with her husband and 3 children to her hometown of St. George, UT. While living in St. George Utah she became active in the art community co-founding the St. George Art Academy and founding the Kayenta Street Painting Festival.  She was active in many community art projects and art education. In southern UT Aimee participated as a board member of the Southern Utah Art Guild and the Kayenta Arts Foundation. In August of 2016 Aimee and her family moved from southern Utah to Dana Point in South Orange County, CA where currently resides and has an active teaching and making art studio.



Aimee Bonham’s  work, which is sometimes read as abstracted landscapes, generalizes location and shows movement in a larger context.   Muted obscure organic forms and animated pencil mark-making result in colorfully harmonious art works full life and passion.  She seeks to create organic non-objective art that is interesting and unpredictable.  Bonham’s work exhibits carefully considered color palettes and blind line drawings which create organic pod-like shapes in motion. The use of color, the employment of paint and pencil and the ambiguity of organic forms allow meditation and contemplation in each viewer. She wants the viewer’s experience with her work to be an exercise in introspection and exploration. 

Bonham’s  work is created on a birch cradled wood panel that she builds herself.  This allows her the freedom to create works of art that are not limited to the constraints of manufactured dimensions.  Additionally, the rigid wood support does not limit in any way the amount of paint or materials that can be applied to the surface.  Sometimes marble dust is employed into gesso to create textural areas in the work before the paint is applied or weighty dried paint chips are employed creating thicker than average textures or sculpturesque works.





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