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February 2024 Edition

By Shari Crall


Inspiring. You know that giddiness in your stomach and lightness in your head when warmth is beaming right into your noggin? That is what it felt like to read through staff submissions and interviews as we prepared for the return of the Segullah Journal after a two-year hiatus.   

Inspiration came from both our featured artist and featured author. Sue Bergin, our featured artist, said she first thought seriously of pursuing art twenty-five years ago and was discouraged by someone who told her it “takes about twenty-five years to become established” as an artist. About twenty-five years later when she did take her art up seriously, we were all rewarded. Then our featured author, Nicole Adair, thought maybe she needed to wait for children to grow so she could find time to write. Luckily for us, she decided to do it now and form time around her. Both demonstrate there is no time like the present. Women are amazing.   

As we reboot, thank you to co-editors, Sherilyn Stevenson and Linda Hoffman Kimball, who passed the torch on to myself and Lara Niedermeyer. We are so grateful for their leadership, including keeping the garden tended until we were ready to step up. Both have continued as editors – Sherilyn heading the prose department and Linda the art department. They are joined by our new poetry editor, Melonie Cannon. All three are long-time staff who were not willing to see Segullah die.   

As an organization, we continue to be committed to developing the work of both our staff and our submitters. The February Journal of each year will be an all-staff issue, the May Journal will spotlight our annual contest winners, and the August and November Journals will be open for general submissions. Our Prose, Poetry, and Art Boards will work with each piece, bringing thoughtful nurturance.  

And so, with rebirth, we bring you an all-staff issue, showcasing the talents of our experienced, as well as newly added, writers and artists. This issue is flowering with art, poems, personal essays, critical reviews, and interviews. We hope you enjoy the bouquet.  


About Shari Crall

Shari Crall is a native of the Chicago suburbs. She has lived her adult life in Southern California where she raised four children with her husband Chris. She recently retired from a career in social work. She holds a BA in political science from BYU and an MSW from SDSU. She spent over a decade writing a column for her local newspaper, titled The Crall Space. She has blogged for Segullah for several years and been published in LDS outlets like Exponent II, a BYU Women's Conference collection, and most recently in Living on the Inside of the Edge by author Christian Kimball.

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