Female Digestive System

By Adrienne Cardon

You used to live in there I said
When my small boy approached me, lazing on the couch
and pointed to my partially exposed
n. stomach

        though the real word for it is tummy
        though the real word for tummy is wholeness

He looked up with his wide lakewater eyes
curious and delicate
and placed his two little lips above my
n. navel

         though the real word for it is connector
         though the word for connector is bond

I thought, how sweet, he’s learning how to kiss
Instead he smashed his lips into a soft silvery tattoo of stretch mark
and blew his lips — a trumpetous
n. flatulence

         though the real word for it is raspberry
         though the real word for raspberry is joy

About Adrienne Cardon

Adrienne Cardon’s creative wanderlust has resulted in stints as a creative director, graphic designer, joke writer, jewelry designer, and essayist. She has spoken at BONCOM New York, ALT Summit, Listen to Your Mother, and has contributed to Times and Seasons. She lives in Utah with her two sons, newborn daughter, and filmmaker husband.

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