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General Conference Discussion Thread

By Christie Rasmussen


It’s General Conference weekend again. Have you been watching? What thoughts have stood out to you as you’ve listened to the talks so far? Is there already a talk that has become a favorite?

Share what tidbits have stuck in your mind, and what insights you’ve gained while watching in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “General Conference Discussion Thread”

  1. President Eyring's talk: first – sharing the calls that his great-grandfather received. I was blown away. And it made me think of those today who pick and choose where they'll serve in comparison to those early Saints who gave all whenever and wherever called.

    Second, when he made the comment about covenants being at the center, for whatever reason the image of a wagon wheel popped into my head. Every covenant, whether baptismal or temple, involves remembering the Savior. I realized that the foundation for remembering Him is daily prayer and scripture study – that has to be the center. From that center the "spokes" reach out: "housekeeping"; "careers and jobs"; "callings"; "volunteer work", etc, etc, etc. Everything that crowds our days and we hit the ground running in the morning to attend to. But the spokes are held together by the center. I clearly understood from that one phrase of President Eyring's that taking care of the center isn't optional. Its the only way my life functions – spiritually and physically. I've rationalized that preparing R.S. lessons for my calling; preparing talks, etc., even listening to conference are acceptable substitutes for personal scripture study because they're gospel centered, right? Wrong – they're spokes, not the covenant center.
    I'm so looking forward to further spiritual tutoring and enlightenment tomorrow during Sunday's addresses. Thanks be to God – always – for his unspeakable gift – the Savior and his anointed servants.

  2. I loved Elder Holland's talk and the strength it brings me in my own commitment, as well as the strength I hope it brings to my son serving a challenging mission in Paris. I'm sure Elder Andersen's talk will be much discussed in various circles. For me, it was a comforting and important reminder that the Church stands strong, run by a always compassionate but unchanging God. Even though doctrines may at times be difficult, and even though I may not always understand them, it helps my faith to know that they are not determined by opinion polls or petitions.

    I also loved Sister Stevens reminder that "the gospel is not weight; it is wings, and it carries us." That resonates with me. The gospel has always been central to my life, and I hope that I can follow Elder Nelson's reminder that we cannot segment our lives if we want to rise to our full potential.

    Finally, as I ache at the struggles many of our members face as they grapple with social issues and priesthood and their own relationship with the Church and opposing viewpoints, I keep in mind Elder Zwick's counsel that what matters is listening to each other and understanding the other's perspective. Listening for understanding doesn't mean we have to change our own commitment, but it is critical and it follows the Savior's example.

  3. Talk about timely … President Monson spoke his admonitions to act in love and kindness within our families as I grappled with my teenager's antagonism and contention over my watching the conference in our home. It would have been easy to say things I'd have later regretted, but his counsel (within moments of her latest complaints) reminded me to see (and treat) her as Jesus Christ would.

  4. We broke the news to our children that we are moving from San Francisco to LA at the end of the school year… and we decided to do it over waffles right before Sunday morning conference.

    The first talk of the day? Uchtdorf's talk about endings and gratitude. I was profoundly moved by the timing of this message, one so thoughtful and so precisely what we all needed to hear. It felt like a small miracle just for us.


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