September Editorial and Table of Contents

September 12, 2017

My daughter recently lamented that our cats were lazy and big, nothing like their former kitten selves, and maybe, just maybe, we should get a new pair of kittens.

I chuckled. All kittens grow into big, lazy cats given enough food, water, and time. It’s not a thing of beauty or wonder when I put it this way, but still, those fully-grown cats have grown into something wonderfully good in her life (even if not as cute as they once were). Those big fat cats that snuggle with her every morning and chase the cyclone of disco ball light for a solid hour if you keep it running.  It still makes me chuckle and a great excuse for a living room disco ball (a thing I did not know I needed until one found me at the thrift store).

This month is good for delight and comfort. We are so excited to introduce you to something new, cartoons(!), with Featured Artist, Brittany Long Olsen, and fantasy with Segullah’s own Young Adult author, Rosalyn Eves, as the newest Featured Writer.

Both began their projects as side passion projects that have grown into something much bigger and really exciting. We can’t wait to share their work with you this quarter through an excerpt of Rosalyn’s major house publication, Blood Rose Rebellion (it’s even at my Target, I checked) and Brittany’s artist statement and comics sprinkled throughout this issue.  Also this month, we are share delight and comfort in Adrienne Cardon’s unexpected discovery of raspberries in Female Digestive System,  Teresa TL Bruce’s comfort in finding what was lost,  and the surprise of stepping out in Kessia Robinson’s Rippled Surface.

Pet projects grow up when you feed them time, editing, and dark chocolate.

Don’t get a new kitten every time you miss the excitement, appreciate the ones you have that are litter-trained.  Just don’t share the dark chocolate with the furry ones, keep that to yourself and keep at those pet projects. Who knows what they’ll grow up to be?


Sandra Clark Jergensen
Segullah Co-Editor-in-Chief


Interview with Featured Writer, Rosalyn Eves by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Excerpt from Blood Rose Rebellion by Featured Writer, Rosalyn Eves

Artist Statement by Featured Artist, Brittany Long Olsen


Female Digestive System by Adrienne Cardon

Rippled Surface by Kessia Robinson


Beloved Beads of Dirt Cheap Price by Teresa TL Bruce