Given and Giver

By Darlene Young

Tears and milk and sweat.
Filling and draining, at once,
I thirst.

Hurtling through the day,
Or else meandering.
(Both perilous, both right.)

Haunted and hungry,
Yet blossoming, widening,
I abound as I yearn.

A whole universe
To some, and still
Less than the dust.

Bent forward, I fret,
Bentback to regret.
Waver and wash to and fro.

Careen, sometimes,
With joy or fear,
But still it is a dance.

Ebb and flow,
Enfold and reach,
Wait and watch,
Weep and sing.

About Darlene Young

Darlene Young lives in South Jordan, Utah, with her husband and four sons. She serves as the secretary for the Association for Mormon Letters and is acting poetry editor of Segullah. This year her baby is in kindergarten, and my how those afternoons fly!

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