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Have you seen my guest post?

By Leslie Graff

Come to find out the answer to that question (which may be posed in the minds of many of you) is… no.

I come bearing humble apologies today. Oh the blessings and curses of technology! Somehow our guest post submission page has been placing all the submitted guest posts in a certain inbox—which unfortunately we haven’t been checking—or were even aware of, for that matter. And come to find out this has been the situation for sometime, unbeknownst to us blog editors. So the mystery of the evaporating guest posts has been solved thanks to the sleuthing of Johnna, our technical guru. She discovered the secret guest post lair and we now find ourselves knee-deep in a treasure trove of submissions (and we just thought you all just weren’t submitting and I am sure you thought we hated your work).  So please bear with us  as we dive into this delicious pile (it’s like getting a stack of newsy Christmas cards in April) and attempt to get back to you regarding your submitted posts in a more timely manner.

And hopefully soon I can re-answer that question with a YES!

About Leslie Graff

(Art Director) In her pre-diapering days, Leslie earned an MS in Marriage and Family Studies from BYU. This entitled her to mold the minds of impressionable college students in rambling six-hour lecture courses and travel the world as child life specialist. She now passes the seasons in a quaint Massachusetts town with her husband, Allen, and three young sons. She spends her days encouraging play, championing global causes, and whipping up a mean R2D2 cake. She savors her nights, stealing away to her studio to paint.

5 thoughts on “Have you seen my guest post?”

  1. A bestie of mine who is an absolutely beautiful writer mentioned months ago that she'd submitted something and never heard back at all. I should have mentioned it to one of you, because hers is the kind of voice that would be absolutely perfect in this setting. Hope we have the pleasure of some excellent guest posts filling in the days between permas! (and, FWIW, I don't care about the gender of the poster. If there is any virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy, bring it!)


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