Heartbeat (for my someday baby)

By Cindy Baldwin











someday i will stand
barefoot beneath a blue sky and i will
feel you separated from me by
only a thin layer of skin and membrane and

you will be me but not at all me

and someday you will run to me with
muddy hands and
pull on my shirt and
lay your head in that warm place between
my neck and my shoulder and

you will be mine but not at all mine

and today is not those days but
i can feel you tight around me
and i would use words like “awed” but i am not
thinking of me i am thinking of you and

you are all and entirely, love


About Cindy Baldwin

Cindy Baldwin is a Southern girl who is (slowly) learning to love the arid intermountain West. A freelance writer and homemaker, her poetry and prose have appeared in several publications. She is a lover of great books, beautiful sunsets, really dark chocolate, and hand-written letters, and is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child this spring.

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