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By Dalene Rowley

When we were first married my husband used to laugh at me every time we’d drive past a quaint little farm in some charmingly rural area nowhere close to somewhere and I would get this dreamy look in my eyes and say, “Let’s buy it! I want to live here!”

He knows me too well.

Green Acres is not the place for me because I am a social animal. I thrive on being connected to people. My version of “outer darkness” is somewhere where I can’t check my e-mail. In fact, as much as I loathe washing dishes, if I had to choose between my dishwasher or my Internet being out I’d pick the dishwasher.

It’s not surprising, then, that one of the things I love most about Segullah is getting to know our readers through the comments section of the blog. There I’ve discovered long lost (well, actually never-met) cousins, friends of friends and links to insights into the commonalities we share with women of another faith. Most recently I met a Segullah reader IRL after we both realized that our kids perform in the same high-school drumline and I discovered one of our readers is from the same mission in England where my son is serving.

With the hope of getting to know more of you better, I thought it would fun to host a “Reader Appreciation Day” today. So grab your red or blue “Hello my name is…” sticker, write down your name and let’s play an icebreaker game.

(Which is all a really long way of saying, “You get to write the post today.”)

In the comments please share the following (this is a great chance to de-lurk if you’ve been reading, but haven’t yet felt like commenting):

1. Your real name (or your favorite alias).

2. Where you’re from (or where you’d most rather be right now).

3. Something you couldn’t write on your blog (assuming you had one) if you knew that your MIL (assuming you had one) was reading .

4. How you were introduced to Segullah (through a friend, the journal, a search, a link, etc.).

5. At least one completely random thing about you.

About Dalene Rowley

Began blogging as a legitimate way to avoid housework and to keep a journal of sorts. In her other life she wants to be excellent at a number of things, but in this one she's settling for baking a mean sour cream lemon pie, keeping most of the points on her quilt blocks in line, being a loyal friend and aspiring to moments of goodness as a wife and mother.

162 thoughts on “Icebreaker”

  1. I'll start (because I'm a reader, too):

    My name is Dalene, a.k.a. Compulsive Writer.

    I'm from the Pacific Northwest, but I currently live deep in the heart of "Happy Valley."

    My MIL actually reads my blog and was brave enough to make her first-ever blog comment after one of my first posts here on Segullah. So mum's the word on this one.

    I met the ladies of Segullah through the lovely CJane.

    Something random? Would you rather hear about how I used to occasionally attempted to make root beer with Perrier water during my mission because I missed it (root beer) so much or how as a youth I once had to assist my father in the unpleasant task of castrating two bulls? (Nothing says "Don't mess with me" like that story.)

  2. 1. Mrs. H-B
    2. I'm originally from rural Nevada, but am now a PhD student at a Big 10 University.
    3. I hate the way my in-laws shout everything. I always thought I came from a loud family…not so much anymore. I am very grateful that they don't shout at me, though.
    4. I think I found Segullah through FoxyJ and Google Reader suggestions.
    5. I was the mascot for a year in high school. That smelly old bobcat suit did nothing to keep me warm on chilly high desert nights.

  3. -I'm Justine
    -I'm from Michigan and desperately miss the snow
    -I am an open book, so I don't think there are any secrets to tell.
    -Kathy, Kylie and I started Segullah
    -I ran at 7 min. mile pace today and thought I might die. I lasted for 3/4 mile. Then happily went back to my regular 47 min. mile pace.

  4. Having recently moved to North Carolina from Michigan, I was hungry for real discussion with friends. The first time I read Segullah, I gobbled up 40 past posts at a sitting. I already feel so blessed and affected by so many of you–thank you for your faith, honesty and goodness. Staff writer Emily M was my freshman roommate (SO LUCKY FOR ME!!) and her introduction of Segullah to me is only one of dozens of positive influences she has had on me.

    Random not-oft-confessed-thing: Skipping pajamas most nights at our house shaves (3 minutes X 5 kids = 15 minutes) off the bedtime and morning routines. I think the pajama custom evolved for 1) comfort and 2)protection of daytime clothes. But my little ones all wear comfy knit clothes to nap in anyway (what's the difference?). And aren't kids harder on their clothes when awake than asleep? Now that the school-aged kids want occasional buckles and buttons, they're old enough to change themselves.

    Looking forward to reading about y'all…

  5. My name is Caroline, and I live (and was raised) in Ohio. I'm single (so no MIL), and really, my personal blog is entirely unprovocative.

    I found Segullah when I started reading through mommy blogs about a year and a half ago and it's been on my feed reader ever since, though I don't believe I have ever commented before.

    And something random? I moved to Salt Lake a couple of years ago and stayed for a year and a half, just because I could.

  6. 1. hi, my name is jenny
    (I don't like introducing myself to large groups of people, so that felt weird!)
    2. I'm from AZ, currently living on the East coast, closer to DC than NYC, and besides the beach on vacation, I'm not exactly sure where I'd rather be; which is probably why I'm not there yet…
    3. Both my MIL and FIL have passed on, so I'll answer this question a little differently. I love my own parents and family dearly, but I don't write about ALL the things I feel about my upbringing and my family's relationships on my blog. I write some, but not all. This is one of the things I love about Segullah– a chance to think about, process and comment about these issues when sparked by a great thought-provoking post. πŸ™‚ Thank you!
    4. Introduced to Segullah by the fabulous Annie of Basic Joy.
    5. I'm feeling very un-clever right now.
    Umm… I hate worms. Hate them. Kind of petrified of them. I'll kill spiders all day, but worms… (shudder)ICK. (And my kids think this is HILARIOUS.)

  7. 1. Michelle Glauser.

    2. I live in Leipzig, Germany. Sometimes, if you're really nice to me and promise not to always categorize me, I'll admit that I don't actually have a German passport. I'm American.

    3. If I had a mother-in-law, I assume it wouldn't be okay for me to write something mean about her. My mom reads my blog and yesterday I wrote about walking in on two coworkers who were getting (or who had gotten) it on during the night. At work.

    4. I don't remember. I've loved blogs for ages, especially inspiring, Mormon, or intellectual ones.

    5. Completely random: I only have one kidney. The other one decided never to show up, probably as a result of Crohn's Disease, which I suffered from as a young teenager.

  8. 1. I'm Julie

    2. I'm currently living in Utah, can't quite say I'm *from* here. Yet.

    3. When my older son kept peeing on the tree outside last summer (when he was 3 and 4), instead of coming in to use the restroom, I didn't stop him.

    4. Hmmm…I've been reading Segullah (the journal) since the first issue. Heard about it somewhere around the bloggernacle.

    5. I have been searching for Samoa ice cream for weeks. I'm giving up.

  9. 1. Millie, as far as you know.
    2. Washington state
    3. They're sweet people, but I'm never staying at their house with my children again.
    4. Introduced to Segullah through the lovely Dalene.
    5. My four-year-old is a morning person. It's 6:42 AM and she's happily chirping away while I try to think of something random. She's putting tape on her fingers and saying, "My FING-gers are getting sweaty."

  10. 1-Peyton
    2-the South (presently in Atlanta, but will possibly/probably be moving in the next six months to goodness only knows where, as my husband is finishing a master's degree at GA Tech this summer)
    3-I've been married for 3.5 years (no kids yet, though we've stopped not trying). My first SIL is getting married next week, and I'm terrified that she'll get pregnant on her honeymoon and have the first grandbaby before I can. (On the other hand, at least it would still be the first baby for my parents.)
    4-Link from MMW, which I found from a comment link on BlogHer, which I found from another link posted in a friend's blog. Fairly new reader.
    5-I desperately, desperately want to visit Italy and Greece before I'm . . . I'm going to use the term too old, which can be anything from 30 to 150, depending on health and circumstance. No offence intended to anyone of any age.

  11. 1. Hi I'm Kay.

    2. I'm from Lincoln, England but home is London. Indeed I expect the celestial kingdom to be exactly like London as I am a big city girl. Lincoln is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, my outer darkness.

    3. Sometimes I wish I could divorce my mother in law.

    4. I came across Segullah on a link from Mormon Times and have never looked back. I have to check the sight several times a day just for my own sanity.

    5. A few random facts. My favourite book ever is Anne of Green Gables, and as a child I wanted to be a much loved orphan just like her. For breakfast I am partial to leftovers particularly trifle, lasagne and cold indian food. I always wanted 2 sets of twins and didn't have any. I am a rubbish driver and cannot reverse as I have no idea where the car will end up if I go backwards. I have my own book group which is on tonight and we are reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I know it should be 1 fact but I can get carried away at times. I LOVE red shoes, because why would you wear black or brown shoes when you can have a red shoe day?

  12. >>>I have to check the sight several times a day just for my own sanity.

    Me too! Seriously hampers work-time productivity.

  13. 1. I'm Amanda.
    2. I'm from Colorado but currently am residing in Reading, UK for an MSc. I miss the mountains.
    3. Smoking is a dirty habit.
    4. no idea. a search? cjane? blessed inspiration? take your pick.
    5. I bought a dress two weeks ago without trying it on and cried when I showed it to my husband and he told me it was too short. Sad. I know. I forgot to through a coin into the Trevi fountain when I was last there and now I'm afraid I won't ever go back. I mix the brownie mix in the dish that I will be cooking it in rather than seperately in a mixing bowl. It means less dishes to clean up.

  14. I'm Annette, from Utah. I've been blessed with an awesome MIL, so not sure how to answer that one. I don't remember how I stumbled on Segullah, but once here, I never looked back.

    As for random–I hate the smell of Gain laundry detergent. But I discovered that fact recently only after buying three bottles on sale. Now I have to use it all up (because I can't just throw it out–I'm obsessive that way) and so I'll just hate the smell of our clothes for weeks on end.

  15. 1. My real name is Cheryl
    2. Blackfoot, Idaho –but I now live in Provo.
    3. My MIL does read my blog (and my FIL and Grandparents and cousins and old high school teachers and neighbors and friends and random strangers…) so I am always careful about making it as narcissitic as possible as not to offend. Ha!
    4. I think through a link years ago…
    5. I hate celery.

  16. Hi I'm Jen and I'd rather not live in Allentown, PA. My body belongs in the West, Colorado preferrably.

    What I couldn't write on my blog if my MIL were reading? Well, I try to not hurt her feelings, but other than that I pretty much say what I want. After more than 15 years of marriage she knows who I am, no holds barred, anyway. I'd like to think I have enough integrity to be the same person no matter the circumstances.

    It is hard to remember how I found Segullah, I think through a long string of connecting blogs one day. What a wonderful treasure to find!

    A completely random thing – I've got a midterm Friday that I need to study for and my youngest child (of four) started vomiting at 4 am. Ain't motherhood grand?!

  17. 1. I'm Bekah, although I have posted in the past under the pseudonym "eastcoasttransplant" when I first started posting comments on blogs because I had this irrational fear about putting my real name out into cyberspace.

    2. I grew up just outside of Boston but married a boy from Boise, so have been (mostly) happily residing in Idaho for the last 7 years. Although visiting New England is frequently the highlight of my year.

    3. My 6-year-old son is in desperate need of individual attention right now, and yes, he WILL be crushed if you don't follow through on your promise to spend some time with just him in the next few days. If you can't keep a promise, PLEASE don't make it.

    4. A link from somewhere, but I was truly hooked after I read the "Hourglass" post and also the one on large families.

    5. My 2nd and third toes on each foot are slightly webbed. Apparently, when I was born, my mother looked at my feet and asked, "What's wrong with my baby?"

  18. I LOVE red shoes. But you know what, and this is pathetic, I don't own any. I've tried on a ton, but have never actually bought. You might just be the inspiration I need to pull out the cash next time!

  19. 1. I'm Jordan (obviously).

    2. I'm from North Carolina, but we're living in Utah for a while.

    3. My MIL is totally sweet. To the point of being annoying sometimes.

    4. Jane from What About Mom mentioned Segullah to me in an email.

    5. Today is my birthday.

  20. 1. Online I go by "FoxyJ", but if you look around a bit you can figure out my real name pretty easily πŸ™‚

    2. Where I'm from is a hard question–mostly southern California, but I spent my senior year of high school in Maryland, then I ended up in Provo/Orem for nearly ten years doing school. We live in CA right now but are probably moving back to UT this summer.

    3. My mom, MIL, and most of my family read my blog and they'd probably find this one too. I do need to tell her that I still feel terrible for acting like a jerk when I lived in her house last summer.

    4. I don't remember how I found you guys. Probably a link from one of the other blogernaccle blogs, but I think I might have found the journal first. I love personal essays and other writing.

    5. I love trivia and spent 3 years on BYU's College Bowl trivia team; we travelled to compete with other schools but unfortunately never got as famous as the football team πŸ™‚ Last year I tried out for Jeopardy and I'm still hoping they'll call me up to be on the show…

  21. 1. My name is Jannet, with 2 N's.
    2. I live in GA now, but my heart and internal clock reside in Northern CA in the pine trees, mountains, and snow. I am no longer a morning person.
    3. My extended family members are the main readers of my blg, so I sometimes feel guarded in what I post. I am more concerned with offending my mother than my MIL. 4. From the book jacket of "The Mother in Me". I was so impressed to find intelligent writing for LDS moms I had to see what else you guys came up with. I am hooked, but rarely comment.
    5. I am very indecisive. So much so that I couldn't settle on one random thing to write here, so I didn't write anything.

  22. 1. I'm Jinxie.

    2. I'm from Utah, but am currently residing on the East Coast.

    3. On my real blog, the one my mom reads, I say very few words about my dating adventures. Which is why I have an anonymous dating blog. πŸ™‚

    4. I can't even remember, but I'm glad I did.

    5. I have two pairs of glasses. The ones where I want to make a statement, and the ones that no one notices. Still, I wear contacts most of the time.

  23. It's so fun to "meet" all of you! Great idea, Dalene.

    I'm Melissa, from Utah, my MIL doesn't read my blog (I think only one person in my family reads my blog), and Justine introduced me to Segullah way back when.

    One random thing: I loooove dark chocolate.

  24. 1. I'm Sarah. I'm not linking to my personal blog because that gives away my last name and where I live. πŸ™‚

    2. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have lived in Georgia since marrying a Georgia boy almost four years ago.

    3. I know my mother-in-law does read my blog because I have it set to email her (and my mom and my sister) when I post something. Communication with her is somewhat … difficult and the emails were one of the few ways I could think to reach out to her. And because I know she reads it, I limit my postings on sushi (she thinks it's dangerous), desserts (she thinks my husband is too fat), and food storage (she hasn't recovered from a bad experience early in her marriage).

    4. I don't remember how I discovered Segullah … I found fMh through a Google search when the Relief Society General Presidency was changed in 2007 (and discovered an aunt is a permablogger there). From fMh I found MMW and I think I clicked over to Segullah through a post by Heather O. But mostly I love the community and sisterhood.

    5. I don't eat breakfast cereal at any time of day; my favorite thing for breakfast is peanut butter.

  25. I am Jen with my self-proclaimed nick name Rowena to avoid the genericness of the most popular girl name from the seventies through the late eighties.

    I am happy in sunny Southern Utah, except that Hurricane is so blasted windy.

    I have a mom and stepmom and I never write anything about any mothers whatsoever on my blog to avoid offending both. My MIL is a princess and the mother I always wanted, though I needed the ones I have.

    I usually stumble across Segullah through a clever person's link, and I always love what I find. Today I found it through Dalene's blog via MMB

    I am trying the Mittleider method of gardening this year.

  26. It is very fun to meet people–thanks Dalene!

    1. Emily M.

    2. From Utah.

    3. My mother-in-law died five years ago… we miss her.

    4. I read about Segullah on the writing forum at Nauvoo.com, Orson Scott Card's LDS forum.

    5. I broke my cheekbone in a shampoo fight when I was twelve.

  27. 1. I'm Alanna (Grandpa's name was Al, Grandma's name was Lanna–Wallah! But it sounds like Uh-Lon-uh).

    2. I've lived in St. Louis for 4 years (for hubby's school) but moving back to Seattle in 6 weeks! Woohoo!

    3. I'm a Twilight fanatic! Yes, I know, and I do feel like a total teenager because of it. I even try to evaluate if it's some sort of insecurity I have that draws me into the story so much. I don't normally read romance novels, I am educated, I love my husband…so why this juvenile obsession with mythical creatures? Is it just my fairytale of choice–or a mark of immaturity?
    (Check out my blog for evidence of the obsession!–though it's still played down. My in-laws read my blog.)

    4. I heard about this lovely water cooler of inspiration through Cjane's blog. I love that woman–and her sister.

    5. My Dad is my hero. Even though we had a horrible relationship growing up, we've both worked really hard to form a great connection and now he's one of my best friends. I'm proud of that. I even named my first son after him. I'm not sure if that's random, but I wanted to write it. πŸ™‚

  28. Jannet: "2. I live in GA now, but my heart and internal clock reside in Northern CA in the pine trees, mountains, and snow. I am no longer a morning person."

    Oh, me too! I was much more of a morning person growing up on the West Coast–could never stay up late at all. I've never been the same since moving to the East Coast for graduate school six years ago.

  29. 1. I'm Erin. No, really.

    2. Seattle area.

    3. My MIL is pretty nice. We've had a couple of clashes (I think because I'm the only DIL), but I have nothing "bad" to say about her, or her daughters. I might complain about the standard "familial interferance". It really annoys me when people tell me (or imply!) that something I'm doing with my kids is wrong. (Like naptimes for a 4yo, or encouraging my toddler's thumb-sucking.)

    4. I'm pretty sure I got here linked through MormonTimes, which I don't read anymore online since it comes in my mailbox every week now.

    5. I have a bunch of underdeveloped talents (problem I want to correct) and it annoys me a little when people fawn over "how talented" I am. Puhleeze. I can always point out someone nearby who is better at what I am currently doing. Oh, and ward choir directors who hassle me about "coming back to choir". Get off my back. I wrestle my preschoolers and teach Gospel Doctrine. I need my Sunday morning. But I relent sometimes.

  30. Please let us know how Mittleider goes for you. I've read a bit about it, but didn't think it was right for the soil we've got here. I'm curious to hear success from that method. It's an interesting guy to read about.

  31. 1. I'm Jean
    2. from rural Utah (I like it most of the time).
    3. There are MANY things I'd to tell my MIL, starting with "I hate how you manipulate everyone around you" and "you gave your son some serious self-esteem issues." But I haven't yet come up with a Christ-like way to say them. So I just keep loving her…
    4. I found Segullah from friends' blogs.
    5. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to make a Sobe bomb.
    There's not much to do in rural Utah.

  32. I think Indian food anytime…is perfect. I can't get enough. One day my hubby and I plan to do Europe…and I want to eat Indian in England…I hear you have the best Indian food. πŸ˜‰

    And… heck yes to red shoes (burgundy).

  33. 1. my name is kalli
    2. i'm from wyoming, no but really
    3. my in-laws? i love them, a lot. but i always feel like i need to impress them because they're all very smart and proper in that east coast sort of way. i'd probably talk about my bodily functions a lot more if they didn't read my blog. because goodness knows i don't talk about it enough already.
    4. segullah, um i think i discovered whilst blog hoppering around. you know how it goes.
    5. random? i am terrified of barnacles and other sea and water crustaceans.

  34. 1. Stephanie aka Queen Scarlett (hubby gave me the nickname when we were dating)

    2. Grew up in Northern Calif (Bay Area, Home of Apple Comp), live in Norther Calif (sac-town area) but would rather be in Hawaii (duh)

    3. My MIL is not with us anymore. I'd hope that when I was a MIL that I would learn from the mistakes and work at not being a MIL that would get posted about online… I HOPE… it won't work will it. πŸ˜‰

    4. Been reading it sporadically… just the posts by people I know (CW, Phread, Azucar) – but my friend from BYU journalism days convinced me everyone that writes here is worth reading… she was right.

    5. I read everyone's "Hello My Name Is" comments.

  35. 1. Chelle, for all of you, cuz I don't know you well enough yet. πŸ™‚

    2. A native Utahn, I have spent most of my married life in Colorado (12 years). Right now I would LOVE to be in Hawaii! Too much snow here for me–yuck!

    3. I don't have a blog, for various and sundry reasons. In general, I sort of have a love/not-so-much-love thing going on with the ILs. It's mostly love, but sometimes . . . .

    4. I think I found Segullah through cjane. I love, love, love it! I am a frustrated writer, which is one reason why I love to read the posts here. That is also why I got a degree in Public Health and not English. It took me an hour and several re-writes to submit my comment to Brooke's post last night. I am way, way, way too obsessed with perfection in my writing, so I usually give up and become a permanent lurker to experience other people's fantastic ability to express themselves. I'm going to stop now.

    5. Random, hmm…I got a manicure on Tuesday and the 'nail technician' (ha!) ripped the cuticle clean off of my thumb. She couldn't get it to stop bleeding for 15 minutes. Ouch! (I did not leave her a tip.)


  36. 1. My name is Annie.
    2. I'm from central CA, but currently live in Happy Valley.
    3. My in-laws read my blog (via e-mail) but I did think twice last week before writing about my cell phone falling out of my underwear while exercising…..ha!
    4. I honestly can't remember how I ended up at Segullah, but probably it was through CJane.
    5. I read in the newspaper today that someone in my ward boundaries got busted for a Prostitution ring in their home! Hello? I live in Happy Valley?!?! How weird is that? Oh yeah, I really HATE green peppers.

  37. 1. Amira is my favorite alias

    2. I'm in the US, but I'd rather be in Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan would do too.

    3. I have a wonderful mother-in-law, but since I don't talk about politics with her, I don't tell her I voted for Obama. She might think I was on the road to apostacy. Or that I was contributing the the decline of the nation.

    4. I've been reading Segullah since it went online and Johnna moved from our blog to your magazine. Smart move. πŸ™‚ It seems like we got an email announcing Segullah.

    5. I love to watch geysers erupt.

    These are great to read. Thanks!

  38. 1. My real name is Jennifer. Two people on the planet refer to me as such. I go by ~j. or j5t or Jenny or Rae's mom.

    2. I grew up in New York. Now Provo is my home. I'd rather be in a different neighborhood, though.

    3. What's a blog?

    4. I was introduced to Segullah by my friend, I don't know if you know her, her name is Courtney.

    5. I have a recently discovered blind spot in my left eye, I've been spending my time lately house-hunting on the sly, and I'm hoping to hear back from the lab today regarding some bloodwork.

  39. 1. Angela, although often Angie and Ang

    2. Grew up in WVC, UT, lived in Minnesota for 8 years and loved it, now back in UT, probably for good. (And it is home to me.)

    3. Oh, I could go on! Seriously. So I won't.

    4. I met Darlene (Segullah's poetry editor) through the Association for Mormon Letters while living in MN. This was before the bloggernacle was big, so I met all my bookish, writerly Mormon friends through the AML's email list. Then moved back to Utah, and Darlene introduced me to Kathy Soper, one of the founders of this amazing space, and the rest is history!

    5. Random? I have a mysterious bump that grew on the tip of my nose a few years ago that I had a dermatologist slice off. (No fun getting a shot of numbing agent in the tip of your nose, btw.) It grew back.

  40. 1. My name is Trish. Tricia. Either. Both.
    2. I've been happily living in Austin, Texas for 2.5 years, but was born and raised in Utah.
    3. Sigh. I'm just relieved she's not planning a visit anytime soon.
    4. I think I found the link on MMW? I love it here!
    5. Recently one of my sisters passed away and her funeral was the first time every single one of my 13 sisters were all together. It was a cherished experience!

  41. Dalene, this is so fun, I love it…

    1. Andrea

    2. I'm from the Pacific Northwest but currently residing in Florida.

    3. My blog is kind of a family blog with pictures of the kids that my whole family reads. I actually love my MIL, it's my mom that I don't get along well with. So, here's what I'd write to her: Please stop bugging me about my weight! You either tell me that I need to lose 10 lbs or that I'm looking to skinny — get over it! Whew…thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

    4. I found Segullah while lurking around LDS Mommy sites and stumbling across Kathy's writing and her blog. She brought me into the Segullah sisterhood — love you Kathy!!

    5. I met my husband playing in a garage band in Provo when I was in college. He was the drummer.

  42. 1. Maralise aka The Reluctant Nomad

    2. I'm from Utah, the not-warm part, unfortunately. My mom is from 'Dixie' and a part of me feels at home there too. But I live in Europe now, thanks to my hubby's work. I've also spent a fair amount of time in the northeast and south too. I'd have to say that I love the culture and weather of the South but I'd move close to my mom in a heartbeat if I could.

    3. That my hubby is JUST LIKE HER.

    4. Kathy emailed me and asked me to help with the Art for the journal. I was almost immediately converted. A few months after I joined, we started this blog and I was lucky enough to be in charge for the next three years.

    5. I'm a terrible speller. My 7 yo son came home and spelled hippopotamus today. I could not do that if I tried. Really really hard. Oh and I don't remember any of my multiplication tables. I'm famous for coming up with the wrong sum to any math problem. And I think I was born in the wrong era, but that I can at least fake. πŸ™‚

  43. 1. Kerri

    2. Grew up in the OC (no, we NEVER called it The OC), now living in the SLC

    3. My mil is wonderful. Once she told me the name we were choosing for our daughter was atrocious, but that's the only thing she's ever done in 18 years that makes an even slightly good story.

    4. I don't know how I first linked to Segullah (maybe MMW?), but I've loved it since the first introduction.

    5. I am still in my pink-striped pajamas at 10:46 due to a sick husband and two sick boys. And I love to eat, play piano, read, and run.

  44. My name is annahannah. Actually that is a nickname from my childhood.

    I live in Ohio. But I would like some SUN!! Seriously, we are more cloudy than Seattle, if you look it up.

    As a mother-in-law, I wish I was more understanding of my mother-in-law when she was alive. There are still things that would have, and did, bug me, but all in all, she was a saint. Truly. I'm sorry.

    My son sent me a post from BCC. I read them for awhile, then figured they were too intelligent for me. And I'm no dummy! Then to MMW. Then to here. You always strike a chord with me…I think you are my favorite blog aside from my kids'

    I am a midwife who never got to practice because of illness. Now that I am feeling better (11 years later), my skills are too outdated.

  45. 1. Kristin

    2. Born and raised Cali girl (Bay Area) who currently lives in Chicagoland. I am a way more fun summer mom than I am a winter mom, though I am trying to change my attitude on that one.

    3. I am finding whenever I am in a slump and write about it, that my MIL thinks I should be on depression meds…so, I am forced to hold back on sharing the times when things are depressing. I'm not saying meds aren't right for some people, but they are not the right answer for me. I perk right up with more sleep and exercise.

    4. I found Segullah through a link on cjane's blog.

    5. I am discovering some new loves in my thirties…running, the outdoors, being more frugal, and the way my body feels when I partake of a greater volume of water than chocolate on any given day. Who would have thought?

  46. 1. I'm Ginger, no nickname, but for some reason at BYU, the male students thought it was funny to ask where Gilligan or Mary Ann was… Uhm, yeah, that's original!
    2. I grew up in Southern California, but now, for various reasons, live in Central Indiana, and I love it here. I usually only get sick of it in February. πŸ™‚
    3. I wouldn't say anything here that I wouldn't say in front of my MIL. Only my DH gets to hear my deep dark secrets! haha
    4. I can't remember how I found Segullah… probably through my sister, or maybe from anther LDS type blog.
    5. I just bought a 23 quart pressure canner even though I have never canned before. But we will be growing lots of tomatoes this summer, so I want to be prepared! πŸ™‚

  47. 1. Becky.

    2. Portland Metro Area (oregon).

    3. I wish that she wouldnt have passed her procrastination onto her son, and I wish that she stood up to her husband more.

    4. One of my online friends writes for Segullah.

    5. I like my MiL more then my own Mother.

  48. Wow, Dalene super psychic powers! I have been thinking for the last couple of days, "Now that I am brave enough to post replies, I would really like to know about all the other people posting. I would love a brief bio of the regular readers and posters…" So way to go!

    1. My real name is Dovie. It was my grandma's and her grandma's and her grandma's… It is just different enough that I can use it as a screen name and it is almost never taken. When I was little I hated it sometimes, loved it others, but I always love it now. My middle name and last name were also a little peculiar. It was way too much peculiar for a little girl to appreciate.

    2. I am from Utah. I really like Utah but I sometimes I get desperate in the winter for a little warm weather. My mom and all those grandmothers are from a little island off of N.C. and so there is something in me that loves the warm. Legend has it that part of my family may have descended from an unofficial native sister wife in a colony in Mexico. So further reason genetically love that warm weather.

    3. I would love to have a blog. I even have two domain names registered but I never get around to anything very fast, if at all. I feel like there is a lot hidden in my heart that needs a home. Segullah has become a home for some of that. Most of it is good stuff so I wouldn't worry too much about my MIL. She is a sweetie. She may not not understand all of my peculiar Mormon ways, and a couple of times I have been less than awesome, but she loves me and I her.

    4. On occasion I would link through MormonTimes. I was always touched or moved or changed or bettered by the things I read. I thought "I get these ladies." I loved the name I loved the meaning of the name I loved the art work… One day I decided to look and see if I knew anyone that published or blogged here. I saw the name Dalene. I thought no way! No way! I had just gotten a drum line update this morning from someone named Dalene. I sinked up the details and it was the same person. So I just had to find something that she had written. Again I said to myself, "She and these ladies just get it." I've been reading ever since.

    5. Everything about me is random. My life is random. My house is random. My brain in random, the one random thing consistently the same is love. I love people very easily and very much. I remember reading in a bio about President Kimball his father told someone once that Love was one of his gifts. I am not a prophet and don't claim any of the other gifts that he possessed but I think I got an ability to love. I know when I am off the path heading in the wrong direction when I let something impede that gift, it is not pretty. It is like I ate something rotten and my system needs to set it right. Not pretty.

    Thanks for the the love, the perspective, the fun, the uplift, the commiseration, the consolation and occasionally the reproof, and always the Sisterhood. I love you all!

  49. 1.) My Real Name is Connie – I've been Mommom since I started participating in online forums back around 1991 and I used the nickname my children had given me at the time they were toddlers.

    2.) After moving around with my family and with my husband I've ended up back where I began, a wonderful mid-atlantic state. I love it.

    3.) My Mother-in-law passed away over 10 years ago – but as far as things I couldn't write on my blog…. I keep a lot of thoughts to myself. Especially now that I have a LOT of weeks where I feel really grumpy and it feels very cyclic. I figure most people don't need to hear it all so I don't put it anywhere that it could come back to haunt me. Not even here.

    4.) I believe I followed a link from Mormon Mommy Wars or Dandylion Momma to Segulla.

    5.) I am currently in a serious declutter project at my house that began this week and will extend at least into next week. There simply wasn't room for us anymore. It's absolutely time to get rid of stuff. I can also play the flute and sight read music fairly well.

  50. 1. I go by Gerb in real life AND online.

    2. I was born in Iowa, raised in southern California and married in Utah. I'm fairly certain I will die in Utah as well.

    3. The only thing I can think of that my MIL doesn't know is that my husband is having cataract surgery next week. (He doesn't want her to worry. He's calling her the day after.)

    4. I found Segullah via cJane (who, incidentally, my 12-year-old worships and wants to become when she grows up).

    5. I have recently started practicing my accordion AND guitar again because that aspect of music was missing from my life. It's been awesome. But I still wish I could play the piano. Or basketball.

  51. 1. Katie
    2. Born and raised in Modesto, California, living in Provo, Utah.
    3. My MIL does read my blog, but I don't know of anything I need to hide from her because she is excellent. However, my husband doesn't like me to post mushy stuff about him because it embarasses him to have it public. He is very affectionate in person, just not online.
    4. Like Gerb, I also found Segullah via CJane.
    5. My husband and I are taking off for Peru in May to spend a month working with a micro-finance bank. I speak a high-school level, white girl, Spanish. Wish me luck. When I return I will be starting a graduate program at BYU!

  52. 1. Catania (it is an italian name, and it rhymes with lasagne)

    2. I was born in San Francisco, lived in Houston, then in the Philly suburbs. I did my time in Utah, and now I'm in Scottsdale, AZ.

    3. I'm not sure what I'd say…I usually say what's on my mind in the first place.

    4. I just found this site while surfing the internet.

    5. I kind of wish I was beyonce.

  53. I am Pasha

    I am in Tucson but I wish I was in Seattle

    My MIL drives me a little crazy so I just try to love her–I am better at avoiding her which I feel bad about.

    I just found this a few weeks ago while surfing around and am sad I didn't find the blog sooner.

    I hate to clean house and will go to extreme lengths to avoid it–but I love to rearrange furniture and organize stuff and will procrastinate homework and other important stuff to do it.

  54. ooh Dalene, I love this idea and just spent a delicious hour reading every person's answers. I wish we could gather in a big room and chat– in fact I'm convinced that the first 200 years of the millennium will be spent lounging under magnolia trees and having all the conversations we never had time for in mortality.

    1. Michelle Lehnardt– Despite my extraordinarily common first name, I believe I'm the only person on the planet with this moniker.

    2. Raised and residing in Salt Lake City. But I'd cut off a limb to live in Boston or anywhere in Europe.

    3. Well, um I have used Segullah to say things… Humble Pie etc. I rarely links to my Segullah posts on my personal blog.

    4. My neighbor handed me a copy of the very first Segullah journal a few years ago and I felt like I'd come home.

    5. As a teenager, I was a reckless daredevil skier– backflips off the moguls, jumping 90 ft. cliffs etc. It was probably good preparation for parenting my 5 wild boys and even crazier daughter– it takes a whole lot to scare me.

  55. I've clicked over to your fascinating blog a few times Michelle, but I have to stop reading because I get consumed with jealousy because I'd love to live in Deutschland too. I know several Glausers here in SLC– I'll have to start playing the "do you know" game.

  56. What a great idea, Dalene!

    1. I'm Sharlee
    2. I grew up in the Uintah Basin. I've lived in Idaho, New Jersey, Italy, and Provo. I currently live in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
    3. I adore my MIL. (I do sympathize with the commenter who made the "sometimes *too* sweet" remark though. :-)) Oh, wait, that wasn't the question though, was it? Hmmm. I don't have a blog, but if I did, I wouldn't write about how my husband sometimes drives me crazy because when he's on the phone he talks on and on and on JUST LIKE HIS MOTHER!
    4. Found out about the journal through a friend, submitted some poetry for the second issue, and have been on the board ever since. LOVE Segullah!
    5. I can't drink milk. Don't ask me why. I've tried, but it just comes right back up again.

  57. I know…crazy, huh? I kept waiting for her to offer me a free manicure (for then or later), but all she said was "sorry" over and over. Arghhhhh!

  58. 1. Karen, but I used to use Marmee online because my girls called me that.

    2. Born and raised in southern California, but have now lived in Idaho for 18 years.

    3. I can't think of anything I would write if my mother in law wasn't reading. (She doesn't) But, Many of my extended family members are blog readers, so I tend to be careful of what I write everywere!

    4. I found Segullah by way of Kathryn, I wrote an essay about my daughter (who has down syndrome) for her book "Gifts". Somehow I followed her to the written journal and to this blog.

    5.I love to read. I will neglect many things to read a good book.

  59. 1. Angie F.

    2. I've lived in the S. Nevada desert for 9 years but Virginia is still my home.

    3. I love her, but she's crazy cakes! I wish I knew the person she was when she raised my DH because everyone says she's a totally different person now.

    4. I found Segullah by way of Literary Mama (I think it was something that Dalene posted there?) and quickly realized that Segullah was exactly what I had been hoping Literary Mama would be but it never was. Through Segullah, I reconnected with a dear BYU roommate (m&m). I love what I learn here, what is thought and expressed here.

    5. I love tangents. Nothing is more fun to me than a long and wandering conversation with someone dear.

  60. 1. My real name is Sue Anderson.
    2. I'm from California, the Bay area.
    3. Something I couldn't write on my blog, if I knew my MIL (no longer with us, sadly) were reading it, would be any of my husband's "war stories."
    4. I was introduced to Segullah through cjane's blog.
    5. I just asked my son to tell me the most random thing about myself and he says it's that I am addicted to iTunes. heehee

    Sorta true. (I'm also a published poet and author, but then so are many of the great women who frequent Segullah…so how random is that, after all?) Guess I'll just stick with the iTunes answer. =)

  61. I am rebecca but go by BEK on my other blog..

    I live in San Francisco, California..but can call pretty much anywhere home! (Miss the mountians but don't miss the snow…).

    I found Segullah, hmmm. Can't remember, but I know many of the writers IRL…Dalene, CJane. Haven't met Kathy yet, but I also have a daughter with DS and so I followed her adventures w/ the Tman…when I found out that my daughter had DS it wasn't quite as scary…

    My MIL doesn't read, but you wouldn't believe what I posted anyway.

    Quirky thing? I can't follow directions? I answered these in the wrong order…. OH, and I also have a studio apartment that is sitting EMPTY. WAITING for visitors. So you if are ever hankering to come visit the Bay Area….well….. we are waiting. THe only payment we need is to be told how charming and lovely our kids are. (they aren't, but if someone tells us that I can hold out a little hope for the future–usually they are kind of stinkers…)

  62. 1. Heidi Ann Wehrmeister Malley
    2. I was born in Normal, IL, and lived there til I was 6, when we moved to Allen, TX, where I lived til I went to college at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX, where I met and married my husband and gave birth to our first three kids, and then we moved to San Antonio, TX, where we live now. HA! How's that for a run-on sentence?
    3. On my blog, I couldn't write to my MIL how I don't like to wear the same style clothes as the 60+ set, so please stop buying them for me!
    4. I found Segullah from a link on another blog, but I'm actually friends with Carrie Randolph-Seng (asst. manager)
    5. I fear that I'm too much like the character "Hyacinth Bucket" on the British comedy "Keeping Up Appearances"-I notice a few tendencies here and there.

  63. 1. I'm Michelle.

    2. Born and raised in Utah. After living elsewhere, we are back (even though hubby made living in Utah a never when we met). We love it here.

    3. My MIL reads what I write, in part because I usually share it with her anyway. She and I are good friends.

    4. I can't remember how I found out about Segullah. I think I first heard about it on Meridian Magazine, but it could have been through the bloggernacle. Probably a combination.

    5. I can recite my kindergarten roll call by memory, in alphabetical order. But sometimes I can't remember what I wanted to do two minutes ago.

    We must do another Segullah get-together!

  64. 1. Charise, but my mom wanted to name me Aurora-my dad talked her out of it and I am kind of glad, although I can tell you that none of my elemetary teachers in Mississippi could say or spell it correctly the first few times (I was Charlie for a semester).

    2. I grew up in UT, TX, MS, and then went to CO after college. I now live in Boise, ID (Never thought I'd end up here, but it's great!).

    3. My MIL would probably not appreciate the fact that when I'm having a really bad day, I just sit down with a book and ignore everything around me for hours. But my husband deals with it pretty well!

    4. I found Segullah through my sister, who is awesome. I love to read it because many of the posts I could have written myself (just not as eloquently).

    5. I LOVE to bake and I love to eat what I bake and thus I run 6 days a week. Also, I sing the greeting on my answering machine…usually made up words to some broadway tune. Yes, I am crazy.

  65. 1. Am named after an Australian bushranger, though for blogging I go by Selwyn.

    2. I'm from all over Australia, and currently am living on the south New South Wales coast.

    3. If my MIL read my blog I wouldn't care. If I knew she was reading it I would write that I'm sorry her golden son isn't golden after all, but she should face reality.

    4. I found Segullah through a link somewhere… maybe Meridian? Truly I can't remember, but I bookmarked it immediately years ago.

    5. I cannot roll round cookie dough balls. I can't roll anything round in my hands no matter how hard I try. I eat the most warped/spaceship looking ones to remove all evidence (don't want to waste tray space on inperfection!)

  66. 1. I am Jennie. Not jennifer. But to make up for my immensely popular first name, my parents gave me the middle name of Hildegard. I like it because it's totally klunky and odd.

    2. Born and raised in Detroit. Married an Oregonian and lived there for a while. Now I live in Austin and hope to never leave.

    3.I write my blog for me. If my MIL doesn't like it she can just not read it. She's read it a couple of times and called me a "character", which is a complete slam in her parlance.

    4. I found Segullah through Kathy Soper's blog, which I found when somebody sent me a link to an article in Literary Mama. I read Kathy's bio and it said she had seven kids and lived out West. Which means "Mormon". I stayed up til 3 am reading all the back issues of Segullah. I loved it all.

    5. I hate vegetables. I love surprises.

  67. 1. My name is Misty
    2. From and currently living in Utah
    3. I could never write anything critical about my MIL's son. I've had that experience in person and she will defend him to the death! Other than that she's a sweetheart.
    4. I'm not sure, I think I from Mormon Mommy Wars.
    5. Something random, mmmm……even as an adult, I'm still afraid of the dark.

  68. OK I just love randomness in general (meaning I love everybody's random comments), but I have to say breaking your cheekbone in a shampoo fight is a great story. It must have mended flawlessly because I never would have known.

  69. 1. Robyn
    2. From Southern Utah, now in Northwestern Oregon
    3. My MIL reads my blogs so I do censor myself, but I probably would still censor myself here too. I prefer peace in the family.
    4. I'm pretty sure I found this from Mormon Mommy Wars
    5. I don't like tending kids for more than an hour or two. I know, I'm going to be in trouble in the eternities.

  70. I promise I'm coming. As soon as I can get away next. Ask me how glad I am I told you how cute/great/smart your kids were before you bribed me w/ an invite! πŸ™‚

  71. 1. Tiffany
    2. I grew up in Wyoming, near Yellowstone, but at the moment I make my home in the "suburbs" of NYC.
    3. My MIL is pretty amazing and there isn't much I'm afraid to say to her.
    4. My friend emailed me when Segullah was founded. It was call for essays. I've been too chicken to submit anything. But I do love reading the blog.
    5. I just asked my 2-year old daughter if she wanted to have chocolate in place of an apple.

  72. Oh, and I have to add that I met Dalene for the first time when we moved back to the U.S. after living in Sweden. I'd been reading her blog and enjoying it greatly. We had a lovely lunch and I wish we could do it again!

  73. I am sooooo loving this–thank you! I wish I could comment on every one (but last time I did that I looked like a comment hog and it took me ALL afternoon).

    But I am reading every one and having a great time getting to know you. I hope you keep them coming!

  74. 1. My name is Wendy.

    2. I grew up in Northern Cal, living in Utah. I've also lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Oregon. I love the west.

    3. My mother-in-law just may be reading this, so even if I did have something I wanted write, I couldn't here. She doesn't always get my sense of humor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. She's very much a blessing in my life.

    4. I found Segullah through my sil, Justine.

    5. After who knows how many years of not living near each other, my sister and I discovered a few years ago that we fold our tissues exactly the same way.

  75. 1. Melissa
    2. From Utah – I'd rather be farther south.
    3. Don't know if she reads it, but I wouldn't tell her how terrified I am of her (she just intimidates me πŸ™‚
    4. Don't remember…
    5. After my niece shouted, "I like potty words," at us, my husband and I have been using it frequently.

  76. We haven't met, but I came by your blog one day to say hi when I realized we both were in Austin. You came to mine to say hi, too! We were both in the homeschooling boat, but I gave up and sent my son back to school this week. I hope I haven't scarred him for life!

  77. 1. I'm Tonya, but there are a few Tonya's that comment so I decided to be she-bop because I loved the Cyndi Lauper song. Now my hubbie tells me it's a nasty song so I guess I'll change my name again.

    2. I grew up in Arizona, Texas, California, New York, Taiwan, and Utah. After BYU we moved to So. Cal., now we're calling Provo home.

    3. I love my MIL but she thinks I'm a stinker. I speak my mind a little too much for her liking. Oh well.

    4. I had never heard of Blogs till about a year ago when Dalene introduced me to hers, and then I found Segullah. I love it, but I must admit I waste alot of time on the computer now. I don't have my own blog – too intimidating. Maybe someday.

    5. When I am working in the garden I love to listen to LOUD punk rock (early 80's). It gets me going – not sure the neighbors like it – but they're all old – maybe they can't hear it anyway. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

  78. 1. Leslie Graff aka smart mama
    2. I grew up nomadic, but now live in MA- Ia ma an east coast gal (I do love to travel especially abroad to exotic places)
    3. My MIL died when my husband was in HS so I have only had a FIL- with that in mind I would vehemently state that thanksgiving turkey's must be seasoned not steamed naked!
    4. I don't remember how I first ran across segullah but it was almost the exact same day my college roommate shelah found out about it- and we started gushing about it about it on the phone- and well here we are and now I am one of the blog editors…
    5. I loves sports where you were skirts- especially lacrosse. I have been trying to teach my 1 year old how to play.

    And I have to say- thanks to all of you who make this such a nice community and create great discussions! It's nice to know more about you.

  79. 1. Sue or Susan depending on my mood.

    2. I was born in California, but have lived in Provo since I was 7. I'm a Provo girl through and through.

    3. I don't have to worry about my MIL reading anything online. But I would like to write that I really dislike my husband's new mustache.

    4. I found Segullah when I was at Courtney's old home and saw the magazine when I went to the bathroom.

    5. I am scared of potatoes in the bag. I love Circus Peanuts. I went to an Ozzy Osbourne concert, got to go backstage and saw Ozzy, Sharon and the kids (when they were little) I was too scared to introduce myself though.

  80. 1. Colleen is my real name and I looove it.

    2. I'm from Minnesota originally, but have never quite known where to claim that I'm "from." I lived in Minnesota, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico growing up. I married a Utah boy and will consequently probably live here foreverrr.

    3. Hmmm… I love my MIL to death, but I think she's kind of a wacko.

    4. I honestly can't remember, but I love Segullah!

    5. I can recite Jabberwocky from memory.

  81. 1. Christa
    2. I'm from Oregon, and I heart it here.
    3. There probably isn't anything that would shock my MIL that I do/don't do (that's why I love her) BUT if I ever wrote about how sometimes I'm infuriated with the way my husband was raised, so un-social, not willing to step out of the box and more or less completly boring and I wonder how we ever connected in the fist place and that I've never managed to go crazy with rage and light my whole house on fire…I think that my hurt a little. I like not involving her in my dark moments with my husband- she believes we are the perfect couple, and I like it like that.
    4. My friend set me up with Google Reader and added blogs that she loved that she thought I might enjoy too- and I do, I love this blog.
    5. I to this day swear my brother made me start my period when we got in a fight when I was 12 and he side kicked me right in my uterus.

  82. Christa, your #5 made me laugh. and i had to read it outloud to my husband.



    Originally from the Bay Area

    I can't remember what I'm supposed to write about my MIL. But I love her. And she definitely reads my blog– she blogs herself!

    I found Segullah through… hmmmm… cjane? Now I'm lucky enough to write here too. (Although I like to point out that I'm the least smartest girl here and I just feel really lucky to call y'all my sisters.)

    and something random? i can never think of anything random. i'm a study in random. oh, but i don't like to capitalize (obviously), unless i Feel like It.

  83. 1. Tori

    2. NAVY brat… but lived longest in Va Beach, VA.

    3. A rant on how obnoxiously LIKE me she is… I rarely see her, so this deduction has come after being in her presence only two different times! Man, I'm difficult to be around! (haha)

    4. I think I was doing something really uncharacteristic: following a link from a link… actually surfing! I generally think that's a waste of time, but NOT in this case!!! ^_^

    5. I love to paint, but haven't done it in years.

  84. 1. Katie
    2. Just recently moved to Northern Colorado from Provo.
    3. We can't write any kind of bad news on our family blog because my MIL treats every worry as a crisis. I even find myself anticipating her worries and explaining them away before she has a chance to ask about them. I'm just a little bit worried she'll read this, because she is online a lot, but this isn't really her kind of blog.
    4. I found Segullah through Mormon Mommy Wars.
    5. I'm really shy and quiet in real life, but I compensate by writing instead of talking to people. πŸ™‚

  85. 1. Brenda. But my other cyberspace name is Voodootabby.

    2. I lived in Western WA most of my life. For the past 13 years I've been living in the Seattle area. Then 6 months ago we moved to Pocatello, ID and I hate it here. I'm completely miserable here.

    3. My MIL is completely laid back. There's not much I could say that would faze her…

    4. I found Segullah through CJane's blog.

    5. I wish I was a cat; lazy, soft, no responsiblity and loved by everyone. πŸ™‚

  86. Sorry–hit the wrong button.

    Katie, my mother-in-law is a worrier, too! I sometimes wince when I read blog posts by my sisters-in-law because I worry about what my mother-in-law will think when she reads them! (Children should not sit on the counter! ATVs are dangerous!!)

  87. 1. My real name is Sage. I've always liked having an unusual name (except the time a boy named Sage visited our primary and I was so embarrassed to have the same name as a boy!)

    2. I was born in AZ, but grew up mostly in Sunnyvale, CA (Bay Area). Served a mission to Peru. I lived in Utah for the first 9 years of marriage, then the next 9 have been north of NYC (Brewster). We were supposed to move to S. Jordan, UT this month, but funding fell through. But I don't mind because I finally finished remodeling my house and I'm six months pregnant with number five.
    3. I initially sent my blog address to my mil, but doubt she bothers to read it. I would ask her why she always remembers the boys birthdays, but not my girls (she didn't even send a card when my second daughter was born!?)

    4. I kinda think I found Segullah from cjane, but it could have been from Light Refreshments Served. I love it. You are all the friends I wish I had! And it is a place I feel comfortable being totally honest (so I don't link to it from my blog!)

    5. I've already shared lots of random things. I have a humanities degree from BYU, like to paint, write fiction, did modern dance at BYU, taught myself to play the cello and played in the community orchestra here, love to use power tools…and am learning more humility from my husband (at least trying to) and from my children.

    Thanks, Dalene! You are great at making me feel welcome here!

  88. My name is Kiar, screen and in real life.

    I am origionally from Canada, but now reside in the wonderful state of California, up in the foothills. I love it, and never want to go back!

    I don't think my MIL reads this, but I really adore her, as long as she stays on her meds! (this is a long running joke) She tells me that I am the daughter that she should have had, since her biological daughter treats her like doo doo. She is loving and kind, and comes to look after me when I am sick! I bet if I told her I had a blog, she would read it religiously.

    I found this awesome place through Cjane, gotta love her! she is awesome, and this site is too!

    My random thing is that my husband calls me a walking jukebox. I can recall the words, title, and artist to almost any song on the radio, but can't rememeber the conversation we had five minutes ago. (this frustrates him to no end!!)

    This has been fun! thanks for "making" us get to know each other.

  89. Wow waiting until the end of the day has made for some great reading!

    1. My realy name is Lisa

    2. I've lived my whole life in Utah (I only live 2 miles from where I grew up) Even though home has been the same area all my life, I have traveled outside a 5 square mile radius.

    3. Assuming I had a blog there are lots of things I wouldn't write about my MIL – I'm totally an outlaw and after 27 years my husband is finally acknowledging that I haven't been making it up – that aside, now that I am a MIL, I'm trying to learn from the past.

    4. I found Segullah through Laurel Christiansen's blog – it totally love her and all she has brought into my life.

    5. Something random about me – hmmm. . . maybe it's too late nothing is coming to mind. Oh, I love to drink Hershey's chocolate syrup straight out of the can. It's the perfect destresser.

    Thanks ladies – I loved getting to know you all.

  90. 1. My name is Megan

    2. I grew up in Michigan, but came to Utah for school when I was 18, and am still here 8 years later:)

    3. My MIL does read my blog…but I am pretty open with on my blog, and that doesn't bother me. She's a cool lady. Although I probably wouldn't tell her that I haven't cleaned my refrigerator in about 6 months.

    4. I think I first came across Segullah through Cjane…but it was such a long time ago that I can't really remember. But I have been reading for a long time. I really enjoy it. I'm pretty sure this is my first comment too!

    5.Something random…I think that behind this young stay-at-home mormon mom, there is a rock star. It's my secret fantasy!

  91. 1. My real name is Lisa, but my students my first year teaching called me Miss Giggles, so that's a name I answer to as well.

    2. I'm from heaven. That's the short answer I give whenever anyone asks me where I'm from. All of my stuff is in Arizona right and that's where the rent money goes, so that's where I live. But that confuses people too. My parents have moved (twice) since I left for college, so even going to their place isn't going home because I've never lived there. So, I'm from heaven.

    3. I don't have a MIL, yet. But I try to keep my big problems and worries off my blog just cuz I don't want to air dirty laundry and I don't want to have to remember to post again once it's all resolved so people will stop worrying about me. That's what the paper and pen journal are for.

    4. I believe it was a friend that sent me a link or two and from there I subscribed.

    5. I got my entire RS presidency (I was the president) to take belly dancing with me. We told the bishop it was to increase unity in our presidency. I don't know if it was the belly dancing or something else, but those women are my dear friends for life now.

  92. 1. Kellie
    2. Currently live in Malta (in the middle of the Mediterannean). Born in Alaska. Have lived Idaho, Utah, Russia, Washington DC, and Japan. Not sure where home is anymore:)
    3. I don't blog. I write a weekly journal entry for our kids, in letter form, and at the end of each place we live (because there is always an end) I publish those letters into a book for them. Our adventures and misadventures of living overseas. Family and friends (MIL included before she passed away) read it too.
    4. Mormonmommywars
    5. I am pretty sure living everywhere we have lived is random. I don't consider myself a writer, but find my weekly letters quite theraputic. And I love taking pictures, taking thousands everyweek. I get the luxury of amazing sights!

  93. Brooke–funny thing about #3. The intention was to get people to reveal something secret. It amused me so to see how many different ways the way I phrased it was interpreted.

    Oh, and I love you and your lower cases…

  94. Hi. I'm Teresa Hirst.

    I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and now live in rural north central Minnesota with my SLC-raised husband.

    My MIL doesn't ever read my blog, I don't think. But if she did, I couldn't say . . . that even life is lonely without family near us, it's been nice to be away from Utah and grow as our own little immediate family unit. (Still miss out on much, though.)

    I found Segullah through a link from LDS Women Blogs and then found yours, Dalene, through here.

    If I were a beauty pageant contestant, my platform would be to beautify America by removing dilapidated rural barns and outbuildings.

  95. TJ, where in St. Louis? I was born in Columbia and my extended family lives in Town and Country, just west of town. I really miss the mid-west terribly. Some of our closest family friends are up in Hibbing in MN, and we just love it up there! What great connections.

  96. Hey, y'all. I'm Georgia, or Geo.

    I was born in Salt Lake, raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, was inspired to move myself to Provo a few months after I turned 17, and I've been here ever since.

    My MIL confession? Sometimes I think she doesn't like me.

    Honestly, I can't remember how I came to know Segullah. My sister-in-law wrote for Segullah for a while, but seems like I already knew about it. Doesn't matter, reallyβ€”all roads lead to Segullah.

    Random seems to be my specialty. But what can I say that I haven't already overtalked on my blog? Well, I wish I had a cat, but never will again due to my husband's allergies and dislike of cats.

    Not random enough? Okay, I used to have my nose pierced.

  97. Tamlynn is my real name.

    I grew up in rural UT, now live in Los Angeles.

    My MIL is deceased, so I guess I have no secrets from her. And she can't do anything about it. bwahaha.

    I found this blog through Les, I think.

    Random: I started homeschooling this year.

  98. Ooo, sorry TJ, you're not going to win my beauty pageant vote with that platform. My house is decorated with my grandmother's watercolor paintings of dilapidated rural barns and outbuildings. I think buildings like that are beautiful. Maybe your talent portion will make up for it? lol.

  99. My name is Marci.

    I grew up in Idaho, went to Ricks College, then to Logan, onto a mission to Detroit Michigan, back to Logan, then to Illinois, back to Idaho. I married in 2003 and moved back to Illinois where we will be until either my husband's ex moves or I have a nervous break down – whichever comes first πŸ™‚

    I am not sure if my MIL reads my blog, I have sent her the link several times. Hmmmm, I would never talk to her about having depression or anxiety – I think she would think I was crazy. I think sometimes she already thinks I am.

    I can't remember how I found this blog but I love it! I am a big lurker, I maybe have commented once. But just the same, I read it almost daily. Love it.

    I am lazy – My cell phone is in the other room and I called it from our other phone and had my daughter go get it for me. Can't even walk 10 steps when I'm busy looking up stuff on the computer.

  100. 1. I'm Naomi (or Mona. My name spelled backwards is "I moan." Shorten that–get "Mona).

    2. I grew up in a San Diego suburb. And now I live in the SLC and am craving some sunshine!

    3. I don't have a MIL. Yet.

    4. How I found this blog? Cjane, I think.

    5. I never wear khaki pants or shorts. I think they make my stubs called "legs" look even stubbier.

  101. Justine,
    Hibbing, MN is in our stake, and I've been there lots of times from Braienrd where we live. As for St. Louis. I moved to St. Charles in first grade, Frontenac (next to Town and Country in 8th grade) and moved back with my husband for grad school and bought a home in Rock Hill till we moved up here. Justine, send me an email or send a message through the contact form on my website and we can talk who we know.

  102. 1. Marissa (Kravetz) Noe

    2. Lexington, Kentucky

    3. That I love her silly grammatical mistakes she makes because she is SOOOO country! (I love her that way but my husband says she gets really defensive when someone points it out)

    4. My sister (who lives far away) told me about it and I have been a faithful follower since (a few weeks ago) although I've never left a comment until today.

    5. I ate 5 different kinds of bugs (not that I enjoyed it) when I served a mission in Thailand!

  103. 1. Clarice

    2. Born in Tahiti, but raised in Provo, Utah. Raising my 5 children in Utah still, but wish I lived somewhere near the beach, any beach!

    3. MIL: hmmm, she's not LDS, so I've always worried a bit about putting too much out there about my kids being baptized, etc. I don't want them to feel like I am bragging or anything because when my husband converted, there were a lot of hurt feelings.

    4. I've had Segullah bookmarked for ages, and now that I have google reader, I can come here when I get the chance and not miss a single post, love it!

    5. Random, huh…..I have a twin brother.

  104. 1) Janet

    2) Grew up in Louisville KY and now living in Indiana

    3) I never did talk about how much I enjoyed the Twilight books on my blog. I thought Twilight, in particular, was the hottest book ever. The reason I didn't blog about it is because it wasn't worth mentioning without including how I stopped reading to call my husband and tell him to see if he couldn't get out of work early. Really early.

    4) I came to the blog through the journal

    5) I 'baby bird' Reddi Whip every day. I have pretended to be sick when the Schwan's man came before I dressed and combed my hair. I have four older brothers and three sons.

  105. Our branch has maybe 20 members, and there are 5 of us in our family…that gives you an idea of the size. My oldest two are the only primary kids (so far) and one is 2 1/2 so they gratefully take him anyway (there is no nursery). The branch president is Australian. Most of the other members are retired members from other parts of Europe. We have only been here two weeks though, curious how the branch changes. They are all very kind and welcoming.

  106. I forget what is normal to me is not to others. I never dreamed of living so many places, but now it is just normal, part of my DH job (he works for the US embassies around the world). I live a very normal life…I am a mom, of three kids. I am just a mom in different parts of the world, moving every 2-3 years. I have thought of starting a photo blog because really I get to see some truly amazing things.

  107. I'm finally replying…

    1. My name is Ashley.

    2. I'm from Virginia, but currently live in Boston. I spent 8 years in Utah and I'll never leave the East coast again.

    3. No MIL yet… I've always secretly wanted to marry an orphan so I wouldn't have to split time between families. I'm still holding out for that.

    4. A friend introduced me to the journal a couple of years ago and I've loved it ever since.

    5. Random thing about me… right now I'm in the middle of reading all the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction. I'm about halfway through! If I'm lucky I'll finish in 5 years.

  108. Several years ago my dad decided to read all of the Newbery books. That took him awhile. Now he just has to keep up with the new ones. We know that as soon as they announce the new winner he orders a copy for all of us so we can get our collections going too.

  109. Paula Jean

    I was born in Provo and lived there for 9 years. Moved to Laie, Hawaii (a.k.a. warm Provo) and lived there for 17 years. Moved to the Pacific Northwest where I've lived for since 2001.

    A blog-worthy MIL-frightening admission? My dream is to steal away her son and grandchildren and live in a warm climate again where the winters don't suck the life blood outta me. Snow in April? C'mon!

    My sister-in-law linked to the nie nie blog this past fall and I became a cJane follower. cJane linked to Segullah a while back and I was hooked! I love the meaningful discussion and that I can add in my two cents on occasion.

    I'm a proud democrat. The odd thing is that I just looked at that black and white admission and almost deleted the word proud. I know I'm allowed to be LDS and a democrat, but the republicans who gave me life wish I'd shape up and stop caring about the poor and the environment and start being mad about taxation. I wonder. . . does my mamma read Segullah?


  110. 1. Natasha.

    2. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio but I'm living in Lexington, Kentucky.

    3. I'm not married, so I don't have a mother in law.

    4. I found Segullah through a friend's, friend's blog (I do blog stalk!)

    5. I really enjoy baking. I'm quiet when I first meet people and therefore people think I'm stuck-up (but I'm really not). I'm left-handed.


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